Dressed like a s*** in public

Hey me again, from "i am that type girl, my exs friends and pub toilet" so today....been chatting to this guys on kik hes married older and offered to buy me some more leather f*** me clothes! they all arrived, he had one condition, for me to wear them and him to be the first to f*** me in them, other consition was i had to wear them for when i met him, im public, well i only live once so i did just that,
took the train to his city, dressed in chunky stretchy over the knee boots, leather skirt with a real big twin buckle, studded corset and new leather jacket, as i recived them via post i knew how much it all cost, over 200quid! so took the train, guys l****** and staring at me loads i loved it, girls staring at me obviously thinking "s***" i didnt care, it felt empowering, met him outside the train station and his jaw hit the floor, he was pretty fit for a guy in his mid 40s dressed all smart in suit, he had a free house as his wife n kids where away somewhere i forget but i got into his car, he turned to me asked for a feel of the leather and i said "after i do" i grabbed his bulge pulled out his d*** in the car park and started sucking his d***, we did eventally get back to his, very posh 6 bedroom house and he got his wish, he f***** me a totel of 4 times during that day, he wrapped up to f*** my p**** and a*** but i didnt mind, he loved the leather and boots as he came on them and licked it off before we snowballed the s**** together, filled my mouth with his salty s**** twice more before finishing cuming on my face, something his wife had never let him do! im to contact him if i ever want more new clothes,

May 18, 2016

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  • Amazing - about time women just owned up - love c***, love getting f*****, love teasing the s*** out of men - time to stop pretending

  • Rock star - need more chicks like you !

  • What a s***, I'm in love

  • HOT !

  • Glad someone liked it, nobody seemed to want to comment

  • So u r 19 or 20 just like me :)

  • Im 19, 20 in a few months

  • Wanna talk wid u ??

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