Male Rape happens but not this time

This happened when I was a college kid which was a very long time ago.

Across the street from DeKalb College there used to be a burger restaurant called Jack's. The restaurant was a cut above McDonalds and other such places in that the burgers were hand formed and the french fries were cut from Idaho potatoes from scratch fresh every morning. This was not the kind of place for a rape to happen.

Apparently two drifeters saw a young man go into the restroom which was outside of the restaurant on the side and they decided to rape him.

They entered the restroom and forced the boy onto his knees at knife point. He was ordered to f****** the other guy.

The boy on his knees acted like he was going to comply when he hit the a****** with the knife square in his testicles as hard as he could. The guy hit the floor and the boy started screaming at the top of his lungs.

Help arrived and the two tried to flee but the manager cut them off and held them at gunpoint until the police arrived. They were charged with attempted sodomny and assault.

True story

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  • Male rape is damaging, it happened to one of my friends who lived in a foster home, and another friend who got sent to a boy's reformatory. There were a couple of things they had in common. One was that the guy getting raped will climax. It is involuntary, it is the prostate muscle being stimulated. In both cases it led to embarrassment. The second problem was from the first point, they both had sexual orientation problems afterward. Since the body got triggered into enjoying the rape, they both had sexual encounters with guys afterward. Both claimed they were bi, but it seems that the way the carried themselves, they were slightly fem and flirty with men.

  • If a guy rapes another guys ass he is a rapist. if he does that then he is a gay rapist. thats just it. yeh, this young guy I know he was offered to be raped by a waiter too but he was not gay and his mother was gaysome and I think that she was getting it off with her own son. she raped him.

  • Yeh they rape you to get pregnant to force you to pay child support - they are the worst b****** of them all.

  • I know male rape does happen, some women do date rape men and give them date rape drugs or drink too much and rape them around time for pregnancy deliberately but that does not mean you have to get sucked into it and you can get help!

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