Something I wish I didnt see and cant help now

So, this is how it goes, I absolutely hated this dude at school and he was never nice to me, he used to bully me and one day I got home early from football and I told my sister that I would be back atleast an hour later than I was and I looked through the conservatory window before entering because the front door was locked and I had no key, so I went to try the back door and there the bully was! Sat in my conservatory and he had a very relaxed face, so I looked fully through the window to see that my sister was fully nude and he was choking her with his d*ck and all I could see was him slapping and feeling her naked as* whilst he was pretty much throat f***ed her and it actually kind of turned me on the fact that he was dominating my sister. and now everytime I see him he makes a joke and teases me about the fact that my sister sucked his d*ck and loved it, and It still turns me on to this day. ps my sister or him doesnt know that I saw them doing it and I watched it until the end and she swallowed it all.

May 20, 2016

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  • Tell him your sister said his was the worst tasting thing she had ever tasted, it must be a rotten one with lots of bacteria.

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