I've wanted to f*** my wife's sister, secret

She is 6 years older than my wife and a single mom of a 9 year old boy, and a nurse. The other day I had to take something to her house when she was at work and her son was out of town visiting his dad. I explored her bedroom and her panty drawer. As conservaive as she appears, she had some really sexy stuf in there! Then, I found some panties that she had worn, and I couldn't help but smell them. Then a thought occurred to me.....how cool would it be to be able to say that I've been naked in her bed? I slipped off all of my clothes and crawled into her bed, planning to m********* with her soiled panites on my face and then get out quickly. Everything changed when I heard the door to her place open! Being a nurse, sometimes she gt sent hom early and this had happened and I was obviously busted! I pulled the covers over my head, but there was no hiding it as my clothes were all over he bedroom floor! She came into her bedroom, saw my clothes, and I didn't want to scare her, so I had to give myself up. I pulled the covers off of my head and sain "Hi, I'm busted!" I explaned to her that I had brought something over to her house, let myself in with the spare key, and that I had been infatuated with her for a long time and I would leave and promised to never do anything like this again if she would just PLEASE, not tell my wife! She stood there and thought for a minute, then she said she'd not tell my wife on one condition, and one condition only......I asked what? She said "It's been YOUR fantasy, I want you to act it out with me." I said what do you mean? She proceded to take off her nursing scrubs, in front of me and there she was in a bra and panties! As scared as I was, I had the most raging hard-on imaginable! It gets better, off comes her bra, and she playfully throws it at me on the bed. Then the panties, down to her ankles and she steps out of them. She walks over and crawls under the covers with me and on top of me! I'm in shock, but I know it's been years since my sexy sister-in-law has had the bone. Her p**** is restin on my abdomen and she leans down and plants a passionate kiss on my lips, our tongues exploring each others mouths. She starts, to slid down and just as my rod starts to penetrate her sopping slit, she says "Oh, man, we just can't do this!' "Not only is this wrong, I'd be betraying my sister, it a huge sin. And I'm not even on the pill." I said to her "But it's SO exciting, isn't it?" With that she began to kiss me anamalisticly! My hands explored her bare b******, smaller but perkier than my wifes, and her cute ass and ran through her dark brown hair. Finally, I just had to taste her! I flipped her onto her back, slid my face down, and dove tongue first into my sister-in-law's tasty c***!
I tongued her for 20 minutes and she had 6 or more intense o*****, I lost count! I began to kiss my way up her beautiful body, stopping to suck on each breast for a few minutes. We began to kiss passionately again as I slid my d*** up and down on the outside of her slit. It slid into her once, and she said "No, remember what I told you, I'm not on the pill, and I'm ovulating right now!" We continined to kiss as I continued to rub mmy d*** up and down on the outsde of her p****. She was starting to go mad as every once in a while, my d*** would slide insde her for a stroke or two, before I'd pull it out. One time it'd be in there for one stroke, the next time two strokes, then four, then eight, finally, I kept it in there and not only did she not protest, but she wrapped her legs aoround me and said "Oh, just please f*** me! F*** me hard!" I quickly obliged! As I f***** her so intensely she screamed "Oh, I've wanted to f*** you for so long! I don't care about anything else right now as long as you're f****** me!" My bare d*** pistoned in and out of my sister-in-law's sopping, unprotected c*** and I didn't care at that moment either. Next she shocked me by saying "Oh c** in me! F*** me hard, and c** in me! C** in me and make me pregnant!! Do it now!!" With that, I exploded inside her


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  • Haha,fu.ck off dirty ni.gg.er

  • I f***** my second wife's sister and it was a fantastic f***. We f***** often for years. My wife figured it out and joined us.

  • I loved the story. Thank you

  • Well, I'm happily married and would never cheat on my wife, but I can so relate to this confession. My wife has two sisters (both older) and IF (which of course is a big IF) one of them would make a move on me, I really don't know if I could resist... plus, the mother-in-law is pretty hot for her age, too. Whenever I get the chance I smell her worn panties. My god, she has the best smelling p**** EVER. I would love to lick that... I also inspected her panty drawer (more than once), she even has a few string tangas in there. Wow!

    And to make matters even worse, the oldest sister has a daughter, she's of legal age so yeah... last two years haven't been easy for me, lol. It's quite something to see a teenager develop into a full grown woman. Most notably her b****... it drove me crazy when they where just tiny little bumps under her shirt, but during the last two years her b**** have become so big, it's really hard to NOT stare at them. Couldn't belive my eyes when I saw her again after a year or so. But too bad I'm more of an "ass-man" and her's is really tiny. Bummer.

    Anyway, haven't had the chance to go through the SIL's panty drawers yet, but I sure do hope that one day I will get the chance.

    Oh, and in case you where wondering: Yes, I smell the used panties of my wife, too. And yes, my wife has the most amazing ass ever. Just thinking about it makes me h****...

  • Do you know why is b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t?

  • So now you can keep f****** her and knock up both sisters!

  • You are not alone we all want to f*** our wives sisters mother nieces daughters friends

  • I really want to f*** my daughter, she fifteen nearly sixteen. when she gives me a cuddle i can feel her t*** crushed against my chest and i get a h******. i am trying to work up the courage to make a move on her and f*** her, any ideas.

  • I'm the same my daughter is fifteen and i have be wanting to f*** her for some time we had been to see her mother how is in hospital at the moment. While we were on the way home i noticed my daughters skirt had ridden up he thighs and could just see her pant cover p****, i instantly got an h******. We were just passing lay by with a nice view over the valley so i pulled over and let's stop an enjoy the view. as we sat there enjoying the view i slipped my arm around my daughter and said it nice and quite here is'nt. as she rested her head on my shoulder i let my hand slip down on her breast she gave a little sigh and i rested my hand over her b****** and rested it on one of her t**'s and casually began to stroke it over her blouse, she gave a contented sigh and i said do you like that sweetheart she said Oh yes daddy, so i began to work my way down and undone the buttons on her blouse she just sat there as i slipped my hand inside her blouse and began to stroke her t******. She said Oh daddy that's nice, i said do you like me stoking your t****** she just snuggled up me. i had managed to get my hand under her bra when she said Oh daddy that feel nice as i took hold one of her nipples and played with it she just kept making a purring noise. after awhile i said let's get in the back so we climbed in the back and cuddled up. I said Oh darling i really want too f*** you i really do. i gave her a kiss and began to remover her blouse.She said i also want you to f*** me please, so we both quickly striped off and got naked. she then laid across the back seat and spread her thighs open wide. I climbed between thighs and said are you ready darling as my c*** was got rock hard, she replied Oh yes daddy please put your c*** in my young c*** and f*** me yes f*** the a*** off me. I i slowly pushed my hard c*** between her 'up her taking her virginity.we were f****** for sometime when i felt i was c******
    i said are you ready .

  • Part two f****** my daughter.
    I had my c*** buried all the way up my fifteen year old daughter c*** and f****** her for the first time and took he virginity.We were f****** each other for twenty minutes and she was saying Oh yes daddy f*** me f*** me iwant you tom fill my womb wit all your lovely baby making s**** and make me pregnant and give your baby please make me pregnant. I could feel i was about to c** and said are you ready here it comes and i began to fire several rope of s**** in her c*** and filling her womb till it overflowed. After we had both calmed down from f****** each other we got dressed and made our way home. We f***** each other again when we got home and we made the most of our time together till my wife her mother got home.I did not manage to get her pregnant but we still f*** each other when we can so she is still hoping i will get her pregnant soon.

  • I'll line up to f*** your 15 year old daughter too

  • I'm always telling my wife that I want to suck her sisters p**** while she watches. She has a LOT of sisters, but I only want to suck 3 of them. I want them to c** in my mouth so I can eat their juices. Also wouldn't mind a b******, but I would NEVER F*** any of them!

  • Lucky sod i wanted to f*** my sister-in-law but she would only let me eat out but i am still trying.

  • Same here, i wanted to f*** my sister-in-law and she too only allowed me to eat her out.
    I'm still f-u-c-k-i-n-g hungry though.

  • I have just f*** my sister-in-law for the first time and i can't wait to f*** her again, she is just turn fourteen and was a virgin till i took it with my twenty eight year old seven inch c***, now we f*** each other when ever we get a chance she also said she want my baby. I said when she is a bit older i would love to get her pregnant, but in the meantime we are still f****** each other

  • Like you i began eating my sister-in-law out and i also i want to f*** her. But so far i have managed to get her to suck my c*** and for sixteen year old she can suck c*** like a expert and she swallows all my c**.

  • Mmmmm love impregnating other mens women

  • I went one better i impregnated my sister, she had twins

  • I f*** My sister and gave me twins, so we moved away and everybody think we are man and wife.

  • I also f***** my sister and now we are parent's to two wonderful young girls, we moved to another town and live as man and wife and are still f****** each and she pregnant again. I am now thinking when the girls are old enough i will be f****** them aswell.

  • I have been f****** my twin daughters too they are just turned fifteen and they waked in on me when i was having a quite w***.i did not hear them come in till i heard one say that a nice c*** daddy, i just stood they with my c*** in my hand, when they walked over and one of them took hold of my c*** and proceeded to w*** me off saying that a nice c*** you have got daddy i want too feel it in my c*** and proceeded to strip as we collapse on the floor and we began to f*** one another i was f****** her for twenty minutes and managed to c** in her. after i had filled her full of s**** i noticed the other twin had stripped off and said now f*** me daddy, so after i had recovered from f*** my first twin i proceeded to f*** the second twin. I'm now a father of to more sets of twins all girls and i can't wait till their old enough to f*** them. So now i have the making of my own private harem as the girls get older.

  • My sister fed me her p**** 4 different times. She never let me stick it in her, but then again I never wanted to anyways. I just wanted to eat her p****.

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  • I had s** with this one lady who passed on within the same year.About a year later,I had s** with her older sister,who is now about 3 months pregnant. Before we had s**,I told the older sister that I had had s** with her younger sister.They were so close,she had s** with me anyway. She is just worried what her boyfriend is gonna say once he learns about her pregnancy.

  • Nice roleplay f*****

  • I f***** my cousin sister when she was15 years old oh I still miss that virgin p**** after s** she cried a lot and told me it was wrong but after counselling her I again f***** her.

  • This is an ultimate s** adventure for both , why fight it just do as they did and enjoy it!

  • Yaa

  • Man just do her I bang mine when I need a good hard s**** I call her she comes over. She ask me what to wear I tell her Notting she's nude and love hole dripping wet. So just bang the women.

  • Then you woke up.

  • Your sister in law was nt on the pill well maybe you should of got condoms. how unfair is it to her is she did get pregnant.unfair to child. sick I'm glad I'm a good person I have never screwed any of my sisters husbands married or divorced..and one came onto me,many years later the other was about to until he found out I was gonna get married. control your own body. and respect your wife ,family

  • My sis in laws both wanna f*** them too. they are both sexy, beautiful mid age and single. One hasn't had a bf since ages that I know. im sure she plays with man here and there but on the down low. but to relate tovthis story I have smelled, jerked to licked their panties. mmmm such a turn on. ive even smelled their mons too cuz she is also been single for the last 20yrs or so.

  • We are in the same situation lol

  • I did my older sister just like this. Her husband had been sick and in the hospital, and she was down. So I decide to cheer her up, and one thing lead to another and bingo..I was pounding her hard and she crying harder...harder..and beleive me I did..I tried to tear that thang apart..hitting it over and over and over...she squirt her nectar all over my meat, my b**** and me...filled her two times that night and once the next day..I have never ever seem my sisiter soo happy before...We now do it whenever sshe calls and needs something done right then.. I know what she wants, and go give her all she needs at that time..Soory to say, BIL past on, but the sotories he shared about how hot my sister was has proven to be true true true....Mty wife doesn't like to suck c***, or face f***...but ohhhhh, my sister tries to get me all the way down her throat and then some....Mom would be proud of her

  • My older sister was the second best c*** sucker I'vs known. No 1 was my sis-in-law

  • I hope you mean sister in law not your dang sister that's gross man.

  • Whats wrong in f****** your sister, i have f***** both of mine

  • I screwed my sister when she was ten years old a i was just fifteen, i walked in on her as got out of the shower and took her to my bedroom and laid on on my bed and slipped my four inch c*** up her very young c*** and we f***** each other. We carried on f****** each other till we both got married. we still have had the occasional s*** and f*** each other. She is thirty eight and i'm forty three.

  • There's nothing like keeping it in the family. I first f***** my young sister when she was fourteen and then had a gang bang with her and my younger sister. This went on for a couple of years and then when dad passed away i began f****** my mother, now i have my own harem. i am now waiting for when my two young daughter are enough to increase the size of my hare.

  • Sick pervert

  • This is a completely fake article, i have written short stories of fiction before, so i can tell.....ha ha, are you trying to make it in the world of writing erotic fiction or something? why are you then posting on this website then? its obvious this is made up, or else it just appeals to all the really twisted, low peices of scum out there that actually do things like that in real life, remember sisters are blood, if you dont respect your sister, no one will respect you either, your just cheap slutty whores who dont even deserve to have sisters if you want my honest opinion, and your the type of women who attract EVIL bad men, and no wonder, becaause you are evil to!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sisters or no sister when apiece c*** is on offer a standing p**** has no consonance you just have to f*** her, i f***** both my sisters and still do.

  • F*** YouTube!

  • The OP's writing is a damn sight better than yours, you moron, whether or not his tale is true.

  • I just got done reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. You can see some fun books at fun2readbooks.com where you can also hear the girls read the stories for the same price as a paperback book, but they are reading exotic sexy mom stories that will get you going!

  • Damn...what state do you guys live in? I want to move there and meet two sisters and knock them both up with 4 kids each. Enjoy,don't get caught.Have a plan coz someday,all these will spill out and you will have lots of explaining to do;it however will be too late then:).I'm very jealous!!!!!

  • Wow so similar ... I want to share mine too. My sisters husband had always been eyeing me while he would get any chance to look at my b**** (I am 38C), so one day I thought its time to conclude it - one way or another. So while he has gazing at my b**** - I stared at his jeans where the bulge was unmistakable. He was a bit embarrassed but soon got the courage to say - what are you trying to look for. I smiled and went inside to the other room. He followed in a bit Rest was simple - almost same as the main story. But we never did it again - although whenevr I think of that - I find my fingers parting my p**** lips and striking my c*** till I have a hard explosion. Soon after I kill the thought every time... Am I wrong?

  • I wanna chat with you. message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • You are doing just right, maybe think of him while giving your hubby a good f***!

  • It reads like a p*** script. Cool story man

  • This is so erotic and am jealous!
    I am a kool black guy.I have f***** hundreds of white women but I have never made any of them pregnant and I want to so badly.It never happens no matter what I do.And you guys seem to get lucky making women or SIL pregnant left and right;so unfair. I do have 4 kids with black women though and am trying to find a white woman to have one or two kids with,married or not.

  • Wrong.
    You blacks think you're all so cool.
    Well you're not.
    A species of terrible absent fathers,with cheesy co.cks and ape like features

  • I was at my sil house last christmas and there was a house full of people. I went upstairs to use the bathroom and noticed a pair of her panties on the floor. I was so h**** i started sniffing them and masturbating. just as i was about to reach climax, the door opened and her sister was standing there mouth wide open. she saw her panties in my hand and had a weird look on her face. then she smiled and stepped inside and put her finger to her lips and said "shhh". I was dumb-founded. she came over to me and we started kissing passionately. my c*** was raging hard. She was wearing a low cut skirt that day and she looked so sexy. she is 1 year older than my wife and beautifully thick (not fat). I said in a whisper "should we do this" she says "yes" also in a whisper. I slide her panties off and they were soaking wet. She isn't on Birth control because her husband is impotent. I quickly locked the door to the bathroom and bent her over the tub and slide my c*** deep inside her and kept it there. the expression on her face was one of a scream but we needed to be quiet so i layed her on the floor very quietly and penetrated her missionary. All the while, we could hear her husband and the rest of the family down stairs laughing and having fun. 2 strokes later I came DEEPLY inside of her and she orgasmed too and she let out a little whimper... I quickly got dressed and scanned the hallway for party goers. I made my way down the stairs and her husband was standing at the bottom and said to me "is Andrea up there?" I said "ya i think she's in the bathroom" with that he said "oh ok" We had dinner and my wife and I went home that night and had the most awesome s** ever! I was so hard thinking about f****** her sister 3 hours before without showering...2 months later Andrea found out she was pregnant! My wife and her husband still don't know and never will know who the baby's REAL father is. Her husband just thinks that it is a blessing from god because he prayed for a baby.

  • I too in love with my wife younger sister she is sooooo beautiful I could not control my feelings so one day I went to her bed while she was sleeping and slowly I touched her b**** and went down to suck her c*** I know that she was pretending and suddenly she exploded in my mouth......anonimous

  • I did that to my wife sister but i made her suk my cockshe looked nice with my c*** in her mouth

  • Iwanna eat c** from both of my gf's younger sisters.... I wanna dress up like a b**** n suck my bro in law off too... I REALLY WANNA TASTE HER SISTER'S C*** OOZE C** ALL OVER MY FACE, N KISS MY WIFE AFTER WE GET DOWN..

  • That is Awesome! Some b**** you have because you sure didn't use your brain, smooth you lucky f*****....smooth

  • I would like to f*** this nurse as well..she is a s*** for sure...mmm love to bang slutssssss assss

  • I scummy in my sip drinks without. Her knowing

  • I luv my sis in law AMMO. she loves me too. i adore her ass n feet.

  • I steal my sister in-laws panties and sniff them and jerkoff in them. One time I rubbed her thigh under the table.

  • My SIL is a year older than me, kinda ugly but with big t***. She used to be a lesbian but now has three kids. Once we went out to eat with my wife's family and my SIL sat across from me. Next thing I know we order shots and her foot touches my leg. I thought it was an accident but she keeps it up after I move away. When I look at her she ate as if she's d*** nothing , not even a half glance at me. I would try something with her but would regret it and probably couldn't live wig myself afterwards.

  • I'm pretty sure this is just your weird fantasy, but if it's true you should jump off a bridge. You've already ruined your children's and wive's lives. The tear in a family that would result from something like this will do damage for several generations.

  • This shouldn't tear apart any family at all. That hangup is a holdover of the STD age. Since they're on the decline, it shouldn't be all that bad if both know they're clean.

  • Dude your the MAN

  • Making love is always pleasurable and very exciting.Not only would I f*** and c** inside her,I would suck it all out and f*** her again and suck her gain and f*** her again-ever lasting.!

  • I love taking Sophie my SIL into bed!

  • I wish I had taaken her to bed and c** inside her then sucked her out and f***** her again and sucked her out again-ever lasting!

  • Care to share your SIL? ;-)

  • You guy's are so cool I love the stories you have on here it makes me so h****

  • you re pathetic crazy f*****....its not make a sense....but....i like it...wild..so wild..

  • My wife and and I have been married for 7 years, we have 6 kids our first was born when we were juniors in high school, she has two younger sisters and wanted to teach them about about s**, so with watching I had s** with them Ruth Ann is a year younger and I got her her pregnant the first time when she was sophomore, Christie didn't conceive until she was a junior, my wife and I have an open relationship and she loves to have and see me have s** bareback only. As adults we have many bareback threesomes and she is happy I fathered over 26 babies, 7 by her, 3 with Ruth Ann 4, Christie 2, our neighbor 5 (her husband is an a******), when our babysitter turned 19 her and I had 1 (no child molestation, the rest are by her cousins.

  • You sure got lucky man.I wish I were u right about now

  • Hi i m wait for u


  • I agree with u man. I want to do the same


  • Im 27 years old have been married for 2 years already and I currently have a big ass crush on my sister in law (20 years old) and she is 2 years younger than my wife...small t*** and great ass...I don't know why I want her so bad!!! She always gives mi hints and s***...she slides by me so close and always tries touching my hand...I have snuck in her bedroom as well and smelled her panties and her bra size is 36 A like I said small t*** but a load of ass! I always think of her meanwhile I f*** my wife. My sister in law resembles lexi belle so much...but the mexican version lol
    the story above was a good story but sounds too good to be true...wish it happened to me! Good masturbation material. The writer should be a p*** director.

  • How can i f*** a girl that does not want me to f*** her

  • That's called rape. Don't do it.

  • u foreigner is sooooooooooo crazy!kekeke......... This website just showed in Chinese hot website and exploring my sense of morals. Kekeke......?????????~

  • Thats Great that you are Reading Chan , Please read again and Again ..and Touch yourself while doing so , Its completely Natural :) ..You in Bejing ? ..D



  • Me and my sister in law play how close can you get before you get caught we decided to end it but not without a bang my wife was on thecouch asleep we wanted to do it on top of her first im behind my wife she the other side we were naked.I make the first move I put my hand between my wifes legs and finger her sister as she climaxes she positions herself over her sisters face and shoots her load right on her face but she still sleeps but turns on to her front.So we start f****** on her back.Just before we climax i open my wifes ass and we shoot our loads inside her,she moans in happiness she turns on her back causing us to fall on the floor yet she still sleeps.We keep f****** eachother untol we dump our loads in her until her p**** (which is above average in depth)is overflowing with her sisters p**** and my juices.We f*** over my wife until her skin was glossy with come she was covered jead to toe in come so we open her mouth and dump in there she swallows and wakes up she is incredibly sticky and heads for the shower not even moticinh I am f****** her sister

  • Yeah sure, pal

  • That didn't even make sense.

  • my ex has two sisters. both of which ive always wanted. one is a redhead and the other blonde. the redhead is two years older, has a real attiutude, and a great body. great t***, and ass. we never got along. the otherone, the blonde, has breast implants, and is swee. we always got along. i always thought bout them when f****** my wife. and i too, went into the redheads room, and got her panties. i took them to the bathroom, and beat off while smelling them. i even went so far as to say one night when we were drunk and having s**, that i wanted to have a 3some with my wife and her blonde sister. bad idea. she brought it up alot after that. and would say things like why dont you just get out and go f*** my sister. but even that turned me on. we are now separated, and have two kids. i have them with me, so i still see her two sisters every other week, without my ex present. i think one day i will have my chance with theredhead at least.

  • Hi guy's i have a salli and she is 7 yrs younger to my wife, and i took her virginity and since then i am hooked up to her, she is so sexy and has good figure, whenever she comes to our house, once in a week, that night we spend f******...

  • Every one is going about f****** their sister in-law Well i want to f*** my mother in -law, i saw once her sun bathing in the nude in the back garden and i got a ragging h****** what do you think should i go for it.

  • Yes go for it and f*** the a*** off her, i'm f****** my mother-in-law with my wife permission because she having trouble during s**, so she as given me permission to f*** her mother and what a great f*** she is i've even had her arsehole aswell.

  • cool

  • Hmmm i need to try out if it works for me but my wifes sister is h****, i would love to be neaked with her in any bedroom and fck her beatiful pusssy... guys wish me luck,,,,

  • You don't need luck , just go for it and get that c*** of yours all the way your mother-in-laws c*** and f*** her. Once she had as your c*** up her middle-aged c*** there be no holding her. I know because i am f****** my mother-in-law and she can't get enough of my seven inch c*** and i've also got her pregnant at forty one.

  • Did you do it? If not good luck.

  • Lalala

  • This is one of --- if not the --- sexiest f****** things I've ever read. I love your relationship with your S-I-L, and I hope it continues permanently. In particular, you need to remain absolutely CERTAIN that the number of children you father with the S-I-L is greater than the number you father with your wife. Actually, you should stop at one child with the wife, and keep knocking up the S-I-L, giving her one baby after another after another, particularly since you've got her so h**** for carrying your illegitimate children that she's tracking her ovulation for you. You are the m************ MAN, dude!

  • I have just f***** my sister in law. just like you have done.
    Only because we had both read your message together, that made us so h****. We f***** for about 2 hours.I came into her about 5 times. Hope she wont get pregnant

  • she will get pregnant 100%

  • I wish I had a wife who loved me and a family. I could not imagine cheating if I did.

  • You make me have faith in my boyfriend even more.

  • You are the only one on here who makes sense

  • The answer to all of your problems in this arena is stop being desperate. The desperate man is alone, when he actually does have someone, he's so afraid to f*** it up, he actually f**** it up. The confident man doesn't just do what his wife tells him (which is to be monogamous) but he also does what he naturally feels compelled to do... procreate.

  • Totally awesome. You sir ought to have a blog for h**** losers... In fact, on the off chance that you're actually doing this awesomeness, it would be super kinky to record yourself f****** your-sister-in law POV style and post it online! It sounds like she'd be down for it.

  • You are my hero dude!

  • What I like about this story and this site is it makes me feel normal. I have never cheated on my wife and never will. We have our games that we play... sexual role play games. But it is just the 2 of us. I hope your story is just fantasy. I would hate for your children to find out the kind of man their father really is.

  • I don't know a man alive that wouldn't f*** every woman available if his wife ok'd it. The point is that some men get guilted into not cheating. Men should feel guilty for denying their own natural tendencies by NOT cheating. What is worse, denying who you are, or giving in to it?

  • you guys are real sick perverts and your wives would be so dissapointed in you!! you nasty f******!!

  • Yeah. Just h**** unfaithful s***** b****.

  • Well Now....you've obviously read down this far, so it appears there is just a little pervert in you as well, you nasty f*****.

  • I went one better when I took my mother in law to her caravan , She asked me in for tea and after a little conversation she asked me why I was looking at her t*** , I told her she hid a great pair of t*** and I had always wondered why she hid them , She replied she never felt they were sexy but at 64 they were just amazing t*** , I asked her if she was still sexually active and she replied not for years , I asked if she wanted s** and she said I would kill for a good s******* , I leant over and kissed her gently before taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom , I have never been so h**** seeing my wifes mother undress and opening her lovely hairy p**** (The P**** that gave birth to my wife ) and pushing my head towards her p**** lips ,I licked and kissed her p**** for what seemed like an age ,Giving my wifes mother an o***** was just awesome I almost came with her but luckily I held on and kissed her lovely nipples and rubbed my c*** up and down her wet p**** before she begged me to s*** her , Hearing your mother in law beg for your c*** is the most sexually aroused I have ever been , I shagged her hard and fast to o***** , I must have pumped a gallon of c** inside her with the first f*** , I shagged her all day that day and now I look at her with l*** every time I see her , She is now a lover a very secret lover but only once in a while do we get the chance to go at it again , I really love f*** my wife straight after I s*** her mother , I have done this three times and my god it makes me h**** , I have since made a pass at my wifes sister and things look good for s******* all three females in the family , Her sister has brilliant t*** and wants to meet me for a s******* , I have an iphone movie of her mother letting me c** all over her t*** - Wonderfull , I watch it now and then before I masterbait , Give it a try as older women are just wonderfull to f*** , Even better if they have not f***** for a while as the p**** gets tighter and plays tunes with your c***.

  • You are right u can't beat f****** older women i am f*** my grandmother,she is fifty five i am fourteen. it all started one summers day my parents had gone out for the day and i stayed behind with my grandmother. i had been over my friends and decided to go home and as i walked though the back gate i saw grandmother sunbathing topless for a fifty year old women she looked great, she had a nice pair of t***. i walked up too her and said hello granny, she jumped up quick and put her hands over her t*** she oh you made me jump. i stood there and said sorry gran she smiled and it alright Bobby. i could see her t*** as she kept her hands over them, i said i think you have very nice t*** granny can i see them, she said i don't know your a bit young i said i am fourteen now granny and took her hands and pulled them away, her t*** were about 36 b and i tweaked nipples as she sigh. isat down beside her and began to suck on them , as she lay back and pulled me on to them and said suck them please so i took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked it , i had a ragging h****** and took my shorts of and said please can i f*** you granny and when she saw the size of my c***, she smiled and took her bikini bottoms off and spread her thighs open. that is when i got my first look at her fifty five year old c***, it was very neat and she had shaved it. so i got between thighs and she guided my c*** toward her c*** lips and i slipped it in and buried it all the way up he. she gave a very big sigh and said ohhhhhhhhhh yes f*** me Bobby ,so i drow my c*** almost out then drove it hard back in her she gave another bib sigh and said ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes f*** me you naughty boy and as i drove im d*** in her she was raising up of the sunbed and forcing my d*** even deeper in her. i must have been f****** her for about twenty minutes and i could feel i was about to c** and said oh granny i 'm going to c** she said oh yes fill me with your c** so i did.

  • Well done iv'e been eyeing up my grandmother, i walked in on her when she was having a bath and she asked me to scrub her back as i was doing her back i let my finger wonder over her t** and flicked her nipples. She smiled at me and said Oh that's very nice thank you, i did no more than stripped off my clothes and got in the bath with her. She looked at my c*** and said have you broke your cheery yet, i said no not yet she said how would you like me to take your cherry, i said Oh granny i would love to f*** you.She then sat on my lap and feed my c*** in between her c*** lips and and slid all six inches up her c*** and she began to f*** me. after awhile she was bouncing up and down on my c***, i said Oh granny i'm going to c**, so she drove my c*** all the way up her c*** as i began to c** and fired six or seven ropes of s**** up into her womb. after we had finished c****** we dried each other off and the we went to her bedroom and got on the bed and we f***** each other once more. Now when ever we get a chance we f*** each other,s brains out of each other.

  • And then you awoke. Your story would have ALMOST been believable, but then when you say you are going to have s** with the sibs, you totally lose any credibility.

  • yes, older woman are great but ..S***..

  • did you ever think of your poor wife? you're the reason women like me HATE and distrust all men. you are all unable to think with the right head

  • Wow I can't believe I am reading all this. My sister in law is f****** hot. We were all watching a movie and I put my hand on her leg. I was so surprised when she moved it up her shorts to her little p****. Last night when my wife and everyone went to sleep we f*****.

  • I was sitting the family watching tv with the light out, my young fourteen year old niece was sitting next to me when i felt someone rubbing my leg and found my niece working her p**** and my thigh , i took her hand away and got my d*** out and she wrapped her hand round it and slipped my hand in her knickers and pushed a finger up her c*** and began frigging her she rolled her eyes and gave a sigh as i worked my finger her.she said she had to got to the toilet and walked out side. excused my self and went out side i found the niiece outside frigging her c*** i said here let me do that and slipped her knickers off and put them in my pocket i then put hat against the wool and pushed my c*** all the way up her c***, i was surprised to find she was still a virgin but not for long as i tore through her hymen she was repeating f*** me f*** me so i drove my c*** all the way up till i hit her womb and dumped all my c** in it as she dumped all her c** all over my pant. as we came down from our f****** session she said will you f*** me again uncle i said of course i would love too. i said i think we should go back in now as i kissed and took her hand.

  • The reason you hate men is because you refuse to deal with the truth that men aren't what you want us to be, nor will we ever be what you want us to be. The truth is men are not meant to be monogamous. We are genetically wired to impregnate as many women as possible. That's why men cheat and feel so damn good about it. Having multiple s** partners is natural for men. And it feels great to be able to be our natural uninhibited selves.




  • UPDATE 3: Here is one of our latest antics. My sister-in-law came over to our place to watch a movie this past Saturday night. It was just my wife & I, and her. Everyone knows that my wife falls asleep and never makes it through the movie. My wife was asleep on the couch, and I was sitting on the floor with my back to the couch and the TV was the only light in the room. My sister-in-law was over on the love seat and we were watching the movie. The next thing I know, she crawls over and gets my d*** out of my shorts (I was only wearing boxers, which is common around my house). So she starts sucking me while my back is against the couch that my wife is asleep on! She wanted to do it right there on the floor in the living room beside my wife on the couch! I said "I think we need to head to the bedroom." We quickly sneaked off to our bedroom, and of course, my sister-in-law never wears any panties when she comes to our house, so it would be very easy to just pull her skirt up for easy access, bu she had other ideas. She said "I want us to do it totally naked in your bed with her in the next room. If she wakes up, there's no way we can hide it." As hesitant as I was, it was such a turn on, and before I knew it, we were totally naked and f****** in the bed that I share with my wife, just a short distance from where my sleeping wife laid! We tried to be as quiet as we could, but toward the end she practically yelled out "Oh c** in me! C** in me NOW!!" ...and we finished with o****** at the same time. We returned to the living room and the movie, and sat for a while making out like teenagers on the love seat across the room from my wife. When she left I was still hard, and when I woke my wife up to go to bed, she felt frisky and noticed my semi-hardness. To make a long story short, I ended up f****** my wife in the same bed where I had just f***** her sister a half hour before! Life is grand.

  • It is just great and especially when your s******* her sister while she asleep next to her.

  • See what panty sniffing can do for you?!!

  • I think it's really cool that your wife's sis is willing to keep it all a secret! I wish I had that!

  • It's an awesome feeling to come inside someone whom you've wanted for so long.

  • You guys who have f***** your wife's sister are my heros!

  • My sister-in-law is just like yours, a nurse. She is really tan right now and also a single mom. I would give just about anything to taste her p**** and then come inside her!

  • So make a move or tell your wife you want a 3-some

  • My sister-in-law and I were alone today all day with nobod else here. I wanted to try something SO BADLY, but I just chickened out. Gosh I wanna f*** her!

  • Should've tried. Whats the worst that's gonna happen?

  • I am thinking about my sister-in-law and masturbating while reading this. I wish it were me!

  • Stop thinking about f****** your sister-in -law and get on and do it. i have f***** both my sister-in-laws and they can't get enough of my seven inch very thick c***.

  • No lies guys, I promise!

  • I want my wife's sister too!

  • Ya, Me to. My wife's sister is older to her by 4 yrs. She is my age 42 and married with 2 kids. We get along really well and have a good understanding. Her Hubby travels every now and then and from what I know what she tells my wife is they have s** once every week or 15 days. I cant make out if she wants me sexually though we hug and hold each other when we meet. I am scared if I make the first move and she refuses or tells my wife then I am f***** royally. But I would really like to f*** her as she has nice b**** and good ass.mmmmm...any suggestions?

  • Don't hang about bury your d*** in her and f*** her and if you want any help i'll come round and f*** her aswell.

  • I if it was me i would have shagged by now, so why don't you go for.

  • My wife sister is sooo sexy but she only likes to suck my c*** but wont let me f*** her ass an p****

  • Sounds like you two need to have 3 or 4 margaritas and ease the conversation towards s**. Good luck, and good f******.

  • Awsome, Awesome, Awesome!

  • HAHAHAH HES LYING!! Pretty bad at it too

  • UPDATE 2: Well, both my wife and my sister-in-law had my babies! The two of them are so close and only she & I know the truth. We are still f****** regularly. I have become to think that I married the wrong sister, and I just cannot get enough of my siste-in-law, and she of me! Our latest game is that we try to see how close we can come to getting caught, without getting caught. She came over to my place one day when my wife was due home any minute, and ordered me up to our bed. She was wearing a mini-skirt & no panties. We were upstairs f****** in a jiffy, and we heard my wife pull into the driveway. I didn't stop f****** her, even as the door opened and we heard he come in the house! I balsted off inside her as my wife was coming up the steps! I then darted for the shower and she pulled her shirt & bra back down and jumped onto our computer in our bedroom. As I was in the shower, i heard her tell my wife that her PC was broken and that I said she coul use ours before I jumped into the shower. When I came out, they were in the kitchen, my sister-in-law was standing against the counter and I looked over and saw my c** running down her inner thigh! I was crapping my pants thinking my wife would see it! When her back was turned, I walked over and scooped it up in my hand from her leg. When my wife left the room for a minute, she came over and licked it off of my hand, and left but not before grabbing my hnad and running it over har bald puss one last time. I am SO hooked!

  • Are you my uncle?
    My uncle did the same to me two years ago now I to wear a mini skirt when I go over to his house for dinner and he starts off at the table sticking his foot between my legs and when he touches my puss I melt down onto his foot and I bit my lip to keep from screaming for his stupid wife don't suspect anything. After dinner she usually falls asleep on the couch and I do dishes and Unk comes up behind me and f**** me from behind right there at the sink or on the counter and before we're thru he dumps his c** in me four or five times.

  • The most AWESOME story EVER!

  • I have been f****** my aunt for the last six months, she caught my have a w*** and said what a nice c*** i had and why don't you come over here a s*** me as she stripped off for a 60 year old she has got a great figure. I took my clothes and and f***** oh the kitchen floor, now we f*** when ever we get a chance.

  • AGREE!!

  • You are living my dream, my man!

  • Thanks! I really got a kick out of the guy who said that he read this instead of watching the presidential debate! I am watching both babies today!

  • You rock, dude, you are my hero!

  • That was the most awesome story ever!

  • I've had my sister in law, before she was my sister in law. My wife, the younger one, knows because that's how I met her.

  • Yum Yum!

  • Best story and update! Wish it were me1

  • awesome!

  • UPDATE: Well, it's official! My sister-in-law and I just cannot stop f****** each other. We've been doing it for almost a year now, a couple times a week, whenever we can sneak the time,
    Shince my sister-in-law has wanted to have more kids, and to me the risk is so exciting, we never use any protection. As a matter of fact, it's become a game to us. She'll call me and say, "get over here, I am SO ovulating!" I make an excuse and get right there, and my bare d*** is in her within like 30 seconds of my arrival. We almost got busted by her 10 year old son once. He was knocking on her door while I was f****** her. So for about th first 6 months, nothing happened, then it did. She is now 5 months pregnant with my baby, and we still f*** all the time. And what's even more crazy, is that my wife is also 6 months pregnant with my baby. So 2 sisters are going to have my babies 1 month apart. My sister-in-law has used the suggestion of the dude above and told the family it was from a one night stand. But you know what? She has already told me that once she had this baby, she wants me to make her pregnant again! She's sot hot, I will be glad to oblige!


  • Good story I did the same to my sister-in-law I f***** her and made her pregnant is was so erotic having her beg me to c** in her and give her my baby

  • yo dude props all around

  • nice story. but I do believe its faaakeee lol

  • I don't see the problem. Good for you two. She can just tell everyone she got knocked up by a one night stand.

  • I read instead this instead of watching the presidential debate

  • if it is true that was hot, my sister-in-law rubed her t** on my arm when i was over her house alone but i was scared and didnt do anything.

  • My wifes sister used to rub her big t*** on my arm also, she is 20 and have 36 D b******. When i get h****, she accepts to kiss her feet and suck on her toes. I think am in love with her not my wife. My wife is prettier and she is 28 but her sister is younger and innocent but with more dominant personality. I like to be controlled by her. As she always order me infront my wife.

  • Why not!!!! Do something!!! You won't regret it.


  • Dumbass, this is confessions, not bullshit Penthouse letters.

  • Best confession... ever

  • I totally agree! I cannot wait for Update #4.

  • Too long. Didn't even bother to read.

    Summerize next time.

  • You think it's sick, but you had to read the whole thing, right?

  • you're a sick j***, and so is that w**** you call a sister-in-law.

  • if a woman, and want to have babies nothing is wrong with that wife or no wife involved in it

  • wtf?

  • I married my wife her younger sister felt it was unfare that she didn't get f***** too.So I aggreed to keep her satisfied when it was safe to do so.I am more attracted to her now than my wife and suck the cream pies out after which of course makes me hornier and f*** and suck her moreHer c*** smells so good before and after I f*** her I can't stop f****** her and worry that my c*** will get to sore to continue.What should I do?

  • I want to f*** my SIL, GOD please help!

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