Ladies; would you f*** another man of your husband wanted you to?

Just had this thought, and wondered what women would do if presented with the situation? :)

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  • I wouldn't.But I'd f*** another woman.I'm a female open to anything.I say anything,but a*** is a no go! It's repulsive! Good for you guys,that like it! But it's not what,makes me turned on.
    Now,licking a v***** and blowing a c***,is more my style :)

  • Yes of course I would. I could have my first hard c*** without having a fear that I would get caught by my old man. I always have this feeling one day he is going to catch me LOL.

  • Oh yes! I am sub to him and agreed to f*** anyone he wanted.

  • You must be under a rock somewhere. I hope you don't actually think these emancipated a_s_s_h_o_l_e_s ask their spouse or partner. Most just sneak around being s_c_u_m_b_a_g_s. Believe me ; I'm the man they cheat with and then they can't keep their yap shut. They fail of course to grasp the concept of mistrust. Women can't stay unified when it applies to a private, selfish issue. I just permit the system to work FOR me. They are all careful not to mention names when in privacy with me however there are times when I have witnessed who hangs with who & at times where. It's truly amazing how creepy & sneaky these dames are not only with their spouse or partners but with best friends they can stand there & lie to their face to.

  • Yes I would but he would never ask, so I did, he said no. So I go out in the day time when I'm h**** and get f*****. I als go out occasionally in the evening when he works late, to a lay by, sit in my car with the window open and suck men off

  • Yes I have and still do. My husband we've been married for 5 years now one night during s** he told me he'd like to see me getting f***** by a big c*** and wanted to know if I would and I told him yes for he's about 5 inch totally hard and I thought that's what he wanted to hear. Well a week went by and he brought a so called friend over for dinner one night and he couldn't keep his eyes off of me and made several passes at me including taking hold of me from behind holding onto my b****** and kissing my neck pressing himself hard against my butt but I managed to pull away from him and he planted a big kiss right onto my lips as he patted my puss.
    Scale of 1 to 10 I'd say I'm a 9 but this guy wouldn't leave me alone so I gave in and I still do when ever he comes around which is like four times a week usually when my husband is at work.
    Yes he is hung like a donkey and keeps it up for hours and pleases me beyond words making me cu m and c** over and over till I can't any more.
    He's given me so much pleasure from s** I can't refuse him even if my husband is at home he gets me aside and dose me quick and I still can't say no to him.

  • My man already let's me do this on a daily basis he told me I to tell him every sexy detail so I do

  • Simple answer yes. I am married not dead.

  • Sounds good to me. I would love to do that. I don't know how he would feel seeing me moaning and humping with another man having so much fun.

  • My bf of 3 yeara wants to do that. I want as well but am scared at how he will respond...

  • I have. But it would depend on the husband's reasons for it. Some men want to humiliate their wives and treat them like sh*t. Some just genuinely don't mind, and others think it's sexy. It really depends on the relationship.

  • Absolutely. Then again, I have had a boyfriend for about a year now. My husband knows about it and is cool with it.

  • Oh you darn right I would. My hubby thinks s** is a monthly.

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