Cheating step wife

I've been married for 7 years. We had 1 big blow out and I went to live with a friend for a couple months. While we were apart she had a guy friend of hers stay with her. She said it was just to help with bills and he needed a temporary place to stay. So about a year after that, I asked if they ever slept together during those two months. She answered right away and said, "Yeah, we did." I asked how many times. She said, "2-3 times a week."

During those two months, she and I slept together twice. I asked her about those days. She said, "One of them, he had f***** her earlier that day." So I was her second time that day.

Since then she has slept with him about a dozen more times. She said that when I go for a couple weeks without f****** her, she calls him up to f*** her.

I told her that I wanted to see her and him have s**. She said, "If you would just f*** me regularly, I wouldn't sleep with him." My confession is that now, I will purposely not have s** with her because I think it's hot that she f**** him.

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