I could be pregnant.
I have a feeling I am.
If I am, I'm going to stab that pharmacist who told me I didn't need the morning after pill.

I can't have it if I am though. Couldn't ever.
I'll hate myself if I have an abortion though.

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  • Dont murder a baby if you got s**** n your p**** u could be pregnant

  • Op: what, like wear a condom? He did. It's not exactly our fault that it split, is it? How are there no accidental pregancies??!!

  • If you didn't want to get pregnant you would have done something to prevent it. There are no accidental pregnancies.

  • ^you suck as a human being^

  • Buy 2 test sticks. Pee. Done. Also, just start fixing your diet RIGHT NOW! Flax,tons of fruit and veggies, vitamins,everything you need for the first month for a really good healthy baby. Stop smoking, stop s**, stop everything.

    Or get it taken out if its actually in there.

  • ^ ^ ^ Don't listen to the crazies. If you feel that you will be unable to take care of your child, or unable to give it up for adoption, forcing it to live a horrible life, get the abortion. Make sure you are ok with your decision, and that you won't hate yourself for it. Terminating the pregnancy is better than having another unwanted child enter the world.

  • Do not kill the baby, please. It does not deserve a death sentance for your irresponsibility.

  • So give the baby up for adoption.
    And don't forget you are the reason you're in this situation, its not the babies fault and its not the pharmacists fault either.

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