I couldn't help my self, I f***** my 26yo step daughter

She was on drugs , fighting with some man who dropped her off at the house. She looked like a h*****, she was crying. We set on the stairs and talked, I walked out side the told the boy to leave. He said no, I just ignored him. My wife was out of town, I had gotten in trouble in the past looking at step daughter p***. So I knew she could not stay here tonight. I lusted to take her to my bed. OK she needed to go, I took her to a hotel got her a room, walked her to the room, there were some guys in the parking lot giving her the eye, she was frightened and asked me to stay . I couldn't help myself , I thoroughly enjoyed every minute her tight p**** was wrapped around my c*** , I love sucking her small breast, I emptied my large c*** inside her. Kissed her and left her sleeping . Two years later she is back at my door......

May 24, 2016

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  • Ignore the perverted comments here. You absolutely made the right decision to stay with her due to the presence of those other gentlemen. Certainly nature dictates what followed. My only surprise is that it took her 2 years to remember how great it made her feel when you e********* your s**** to the core of her. She has missed you I'm sure..

  • The idea that you couldn't help yourself is laughable: it's what everybody says when they don't want to accept responsibility for some awful thing they've done. You could have chosen to never start this. You could have chosen to stop it. But you did neither. This was not some inevitable force that swept through your life and caught you up in it and carried you away. This was something you did. You may not be able to fix it (although you should try), but you should at least own it.

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