What what in the butt

Last night my boyfriend and I had a*** s**. It was my first time trying it. I did my research and prep and much to my surprise I kind of liked it. My boyfriend loved it. We haven't had that hot of s** in a long time.

This morning we had a quickie before work. My back end was really sore. About half way through he flips me over. See where this is going? My butt was killing me by the time he finished. I loved the way it was making him feel. So what's a little discomfort if the s** is amazing.

I got pulled into a meeting this morning. One which will go all morning, maybe even into the afternoon. My butt hurts bad I can't sit still. My best work friend sent me a text that asked, hemroids or butt s**? I guess I blushed because she started laughing and interrupted the meeting. Thank God everyone was looking at her and not me. It's going to be a vary long day. This meeting is a compleat waste of time. Half the people have already zoned out. I'm on this site. The guy in front of me is playing golf on his laptop.

I'm thinking no more butt stuff on a work night.

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  • Best cure is more getting f***** in the ass

  • Booty blood..lol...ugh

  • Think it hurts now, wait until you take a big dump and you're wiping booty blood out of your crack.

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