Craving hot gay c****

Im a S******, and I work in adult entertainment. Ive been with many men, Im very safe and always in control. Men that are into shemales enjoy and are turned on by our femininity, and p****. Which in my opinion doesnt make them Gay. I love Gay p***, In particular gay p*** , from the 80's, so hot!
Im also into forced infantilization. My fantasy is to be kidnapped, by 2 or more gay pornstars, from the 80's Jeff Stryker, Joey Stefano, Ceaser, and Chris Lance. They take me to a really nice place, but I struggle. They force me into submisson, by spanking me till I cry. My clothes are ripped off, and Im bathed and put in a pink frilly little girl dress my hair is put in pig tails with bows. Im presented to my captures. They are all hard, because theyve been sucking each others big c****. Im told to crawl over and suck their c**** like a good little girl. Mmmmmmmmm I suck and rim all of them they start f****** each other while I continue to lick and suck. They pat me on the head. One gets creampied i lick it up. Then they all c** in my mouth , and on my t***. They all take turns sucking my she c*** then I c** so big. I want more. Im picked up, cleaned up then put in a onesie. They give me a bottle and put me in a crib. Im told if Im a good little girl we can play again tomorrow.

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