I am going to do it again!

Ok so guys? i wrote a previous confession,

shall i do it again

and i have a chance to do it again, bank holiday monday my bf is working away, and i have the house all to myself, i have been speaking to the origanal guy and he wants to come visit me again, he said its my choice, hes offered just himself, or him and the same two guys who f***** me before, OR him, the two others AND two others!! that be 5 black guys! i dont know which i should do?

also if i do, any surgestions on what i should wear, he wants me to dress slutty again and wants me to dress even more like a w****

and anything else you guys think i should do or try to make this more amazing?

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  • Still being a w****, then!!

  • My friend did not know that I knew about how he wanted to come back over and f my wife,I knew everything about what he and her wanted to do,he wanted to c** in her p**** instead of her t***,she said no that's for my husband only,but you can c** in my mouth so I can taste you and I will swallow every drop,he will come over by himself this time,the next time she told him I want to get gang bang by you guys,just tell me what to do

  • Do that's hot especially when he gets home and you tell him the details I've done that before with my wife and this friend I showed him some nude pictures one night my wife said you can show him,I said you want to see my wife's cool,sure I had a lot of pictures of her in lingerie,sexy outfits and a lot of see thru stuff,I said to her we were really buzzed babe go and put this one on and model it for us,ok which one ok be right back,few minutes later she comes out in this baby doll outfit you can see thru the top we could definitely see her big t***,and a thong panties see thru front,and she put on her red high heels shoes,I said is she hot,showed her another pic put this on baby,be right back,thigh high pink stockings pink high heels,and see thru pink panties,and no top,her t*** exposed for us to see,that's hot man your wife is totally hot,ok baby put this one on,I didn't show him the picture,ok you sure of course,comes back out with just her high heels on totally naked we could see everything,come sit down here baby,sat between us and we started feeling her all over,I said I'll be back going to bathroom,as soon as I left she pulled his thing out and started sucking him,I walked in she tried to cover up but I said it's ok keep sucking him baby anyway we both f her ,he whispers to her I want to do this again by our selves,so I went out of town and she called him to come over,she told me everything,how much he wanted to see her t***,when he f her with out me there my wife would tell him how good he feels inside her,I want to suck your thing when ever you want,just call me I'm yours what ever you want,maybe you can bring a couple of your friends,that would be cool it's our secret ok,so when I got home she told me everything I was so excited I was ready to c**,so go for it as long as your husband knows

  • I to have a few guys my husband knows nothing about and every time my hubby goes out of town for a week at a time I party. We live out in the country and our closest neighbor is over a mile away and we're on a dead end road so no problems even doing things outdoors in broad day light.
    Today I am meeting a few guys and I have 9 days to do what I want and that is to get f***** a lot.

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