Wife, heels & s** or d****

My wife plays a game with me, if she is wearing heels to work smaller than my d***, we'll f*** that night. If she is wearing heels bigger than my d***, then I don't get to f*** her that night, instead I watch her f*** herself with her thick 9 inch d**** and w*** off in the corner of the room.

She makes me h**** every day sending me naughty pics, or grabbing my d*** as soon as she gets in, then she makes me get naked as she lies on the bed and makes me compare my d*** to her heels. Only then do I get to find out if we're going to f*** or not.

On one occasion when she was wearing huge heels, she didn't f*** her d**** and didn't let me j*** off, I can only imagine she either fingered herself at work, or f***** another guy. To this day she has never said.

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  • That's sexy, I have an 8in fat c***. Id love to measure her heels and c***

  • You'd get to f*** her every night! Her heels range between 4-6 inches, I'm about 5 inches. She does have a pair of ultra slutty 8 inch platform stripper heels which she uses to utterly humiliate me with. Then she f**** herself with the heels!

  • Does she want to measure my fat c***, if I fall short she can stick the heels up my a***. If I pass the f*** her while you watch

  • If your c*** long too? I'll make sure you f*** her, if not when she puts her heels up your a***, I'll suck your fat c***. I want a fat c*** to stretch my wife out.

  • Id like both, it will measure up, but would let her stick the heels up my a*** as you duck my fat c***

  • We kind of did this so I know my wife will easily be up for it. She finally spilled the beans on the night of no s** or d****, she had f***** a guy with a 9 inch d***! Alomst double the f****** size of me! We met him in a hotel, I watched him f*** my wife and c** in her(!), then compared our d**** together (a pic is floating around tumblr), then I sucked his d*** clean while my wife f***** my a****** with her heels. She then let me have sloppy seconds, her c*** was so stretched! It took about a week for it to get.

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