F***** my girlfriend with her dad

My gf told me not long after we started dating that her and her dad were having an incestial relationship for a few years and she was going to call it off with me. I didn't want to lose her so said I wanted to join in.
Later that week we all met, and I went to the toilet, when I came down he was on top of her missionary and both of them butt naked, he pumped her hard and she squealed. I stripped in a flash and stuck my c*** in her moth, and f********* her. We went up stairs and to turns switching round filling her full of c**. The night ended in the early hours and I went home. We have done this twice more since then and I'm hoping to get more soon as this is the hottest thing I've ever done

May 30, 2016

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  • A few nights ago we invited him over for dinner. The meal went well and we sat down for some chat. My Girlfriend went to the loo and came back wearing a black lacy set and hold up stockings. Her dad and I looked at each other for a second before both stripping off as she walked to the middle of the room while giving us both a coy little sexy smile. She got down on her knees in front of us and started to suck on both of us. I was getting to worked up and had to stop for a moment, while he bent her over the arm of the couch, and pulled her knickers down and started to eat her out from behind. She moaned and said stuff like "oooh daddy, eat my tight p****" and "tongue f*** your little girl". I was getting far too turned on and got in front of her and shoved my c*** in her mouth. She sucked and deep throated me for a few mins before gasping out load as he shoved his c*** up her ass.
    I blew my first load down her throat as I watched him f*** her hard. He pulled out and shot the biggest load of c** I've ever seen over her ass and up her back. It must have been at least 4 or 5 times the amount I c** inning go.
    We moved to the bedroom after she cleaned up. We got going again, and I asked if she wanted to do ass and p****. She straddled me and slid my c*** in her p**** followed by her dad up her ass. She came almost instantly,we kept pounding her. Next thing I know I could feel her dad trying to squeeze his c*** in beside mine in her p****. He kept at it for a while and got in, which made her moans and whimper as out two c**** stretched her p**** open. She came again with a full body shuddering o***** quickly followed by me and her dad at almost the same time.
    I had to get the camera out and got a few pictures of her p**** gapping and our c** dribbling out of her.
    I look forward to out next meeting

  • Please tell us where we can see these pics!!!!

  • Wow, share some of those pics

  • Wow that was frigging hot!

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