F***** girlfriend's grandma

So details first, I'm 30, girlfriend is 19, her grandma is 66. Due to the age difference, my girlfriend's mom doesn't know about me so we sneak around. Today we were at her grandma's house as grandma was out at the shops. Long story short, girlfriend had to rush out, she said to let myself out. 10 mins her grandma came home, luckily I was in my overalls as I'm a mechanic, but I said her granddaughter let me to check out the noisy AC.

5 mins later, I'm looking at the AC pretending I know something when she comes back to me wearing just her bra, some sexy non-granny panties and high heels. She tells me she always used to f*** the workmen. I tell her if she never tells her granddaughter then I'll f*** her. She agrees and then I clips her bra, her t*** fall somewhat but were way better than I was expecting. She then drops her panties to her ankles, revealing her hairy p****, I can just see her lips. She tells me it's been over 5 years since she last got f*****. I strip naked out of my overalls, my d*** still smelling like teen p****, and walk over to her, I tell her I'll make today worth the wait and I'll f*** her better than her dead husband or any workman. She grabs me kisses me and pulls on my d***, she's begging for it. So I lie her down, spread her legs, and ram my d*** into her wet loose p****. We f***** in all position, even 69'd that hairy old bird then f***** her some more before pulling out and jerking off all over tots and hairy slit. She loved it, even licked up some c**.

As I got changed, she said her dvd player is not working and I should come round tomorrow to look at it. Dirty old grandma loves c*** it seems. I know she's old, but she quite a cougar and a pretty decent f***. Might try my luck with my girlfriend's mom and make it 3!

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  • My grand mother is 72 and much better in bed than my wife. The only hole I've had that is as tight as hers is that of my 9-year-old daughter

  • I know what you mean. I hump my 73-year-old gran and my 8-year-old daughter. Surprisingly, because she has perfect control of her love-hole, gran's puss is tighter than that of my daughter.

  • A neighbour, a chubby widow of then in her sixties, spend much effort in teaching me as a seventeen everything there was to learn about s**.

  • Update: I've f***** the dirty old bag loads of times, I've had her gagging on my d*** and even f***** her little old a******. Grandma is a freak! She's now trimmed the hairy wild garden down to short trim, she went out and bought lingerie. I pop round most lunch times and then see her granddaughter in the evenings still no sign of her mom yet

  • When I was 24, I did the buxom grandmother of my g.f.
    To be honest, this grandmother was far better in bed then the g.f. ever was.

  • I'm 68 and my three grandsons hump me whenever they visit.

  • Mmmmm I’d love to f*** a grandma

  • I'm a 60yr old busty woman and regularly f*** young men

  • Are you in my area?

    email me truelqve@gmail.com

  • Do you like a young hard d*** in your p****? I now yearn for a hot older woman's old p**** around my c***

  • Oh yes

  • I want to f*** women in their 60s & 70s!

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