F*** buddy's little sister

I'm s******* this girl from work, sometimes I stay round if we've been drinking. The other night I go down to get some water and see her little 16 year old sister sneaking in from a party, it's about 3am which is way past her allowed time. She begs me not to say anything, I say what do I get in return? Without any hesitation, she drops to her knees in front of my, pulls down my boxer shorts and sticks sucking my d***! Now in the UK, the legal age for s** is 16 so it's all good. She wasn't the greatest b****** but I guess she was new. She took her top off half way so I got to see her juicy round t***, pretty impressive for age. Eventually she made my c** with a little guidance and I came in her mouth, she quickly pulls back and spits my c** all over t***. She says she has never swallowed before. As she gets up and starts to walk off I tell her if I catch her again I get her tight p****, she laughed, so gingers crossed!

May 30, 2016

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  • Go down on her and shel love u

  • So I deliberately tried to catch her out, finally it happened, I reminded her of the deal, she said fine...I get her for five minutes. I f***** her good and hard, she definitely was not a virgin but still tighter than her sister. She asked me not to c** in her so I pulled out and showered her t***. Today I ot a message from her saying she'll be home late tomorrow with a wink. Can't wait to stretch her out some more!


  • Kept those gingers crossed and it all worked out! ;)

  • Ah the power of an old man

  • Fake

  • You're obviously still a child. When you grow up, you'll learn to teach a girl how to receive your s**** appropriately. Regardless of age or experience, when a Man prepares to e******** into a girl's oral cavity we grasp her ears & hair firmly, hold her skull in place hard & drive our P**** deep to her throat. With this method, she either swallows all our s**** or gags, forcing it into her sinus. Either way, none of our rich s**** is wasted. Learn & practice boy.

  • Thanks
    That was how I learned... candi

  • I'm an ostrich

  • Dude you sound like your nothing more then a man/boy yourself who gets some kind of thrill out of sexually abusing females.

  • Lol you both sound like you watch p*** all day and that's what you would do if you ever had a girl at the end of your c****, which in reality will never happen.

  • Tried & true son.

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