F***** my tutor

I recently started to go to a new tutoring centre, unlike the others I had been to, this one was closed off and very one on one if you know what I mean. I was being tutored by a male tutor for a few months. He would always slide his leg in between mine and our hands would randomly touch throughout the session. One day he had felt the material of my dress complimenting me on it before I kissed him. We had 20 minutes left before class ended- I slid my hand down his pants and rubbed his d***. His smooth d*** felt so nice that I took him into my mouth. He rubbed my ass and pulled out my t** as he began to play with my nipple. I sat on his lap and started to move my hips while he unbuckled my bra. I push his thick d*** up against my panties and moved up and down. He pushed my undies to the side and I felt his skin on mine. He grabbed me by the ass and placed me softly on the table as he pushed himself inside. He told me that my p** was so tight before he started to softly moan. We couldn't be too loud as people were next door. He turned me around and lifted my leg to the side. He slowly kissed and licked my a*** before pushing himself inside again. He c**** on my back, felt so nice and warm. I dipped my hand in the c** and licked it and tasted the saltiness. We rushed to get cleaned up and before I left he grabbed my a*** before saying see you next week. Can't wait to go back ;)

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