S** with an Ex

Okay, I am about 3 vodkas in and about to meet up with my ex to have s**. He has kept me waiting yet again and that's probably why im about to be on my fourth vodka. he is the worst and most toxic person that i should probably be avoiding at all costs, BUT the s** is too much for me to let go and maybe im too weak to let him go just yet.

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  • Mmhmm I'm sure. Let me add that I have a line of men waiting at my door every night promising me heaven on earth too. My gawd grow up girl.

  • I understand completely, and sympathize totally. My first husband and I got a divorce almost 8yrs ago, and even though I've been married twice since then, I can't turn loose of the first husband. It's not romantic or even loving: it's just great s** with a man who knows how to f*** me. I couldn't stop f****** him if I wanted to. And I don't want to.

  • Oh, you're on fantasy Island too eh.

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