"Accidental" A***

Remember a few weeks ago when we had few drinks and were f****** doggy style? Then I slipped my d*** out of your p**** and "accidentally" put it in your ass?

Well, it wasn't an accident and it wasn't the alcohol. Your ass hole looked so tight I just had to see what it would feel like.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I am a woman, Kinda prudish.. I admit. I want to try it, but I'm not going to ask my husband. And subtle way to to get him to try it, without saying anything?

  • well, first make sure you offer f****** doggy style. then reach behind and have him rub his c*** against your a******. make lots of ummmm and yummy sounds. then offer to lube yr ass (or his c***), and rub up and down. the problem is, if he starts fuking ur ass, it will hurt at first, and he'll be anxius. So u'll have to pretend it doesn't hurt so much. the good news, is, once he's inside, it feels really good.

  • omg. everyone shut the f*** up. mostly to the men. if u like it in the ass good for f****** you. if you don't like it in the ass then that's okay too.! its all about opinion, i personally don't like it in my ass, yes i have tried, but that doesn't make me a PRUDE or anything you d*** ass whole men are saying. gee-sh your wife probably pretends to like it, she just does it because she sees how u feel about the subject and wants to make your small d*** feel good. dam i wasn't supposed to talk s***. but your stupidity made me do it.

  • Stuck up b******. My wife likes it in the ass- makes her feel sexy that I want all of her. If you don't like it, it's because your p**** boyfriend or husband isn't doing it right. If you haven't tried it, then you're a stuck up c*** that has control issues. To the b**** that says it screams of homosexuality: p**** licking screams of l**** lovin' but you know you want it. Who gives a f*** anyway? \nAss feels good. You stupid f*** c*** b****. You can't compare a man's hole to a sexy smooth tight fine girl's ass p****. I bet you're angry because you're a prude that can't enjoy it in the end. I bet you don't keep up, probably have hair in your ass and little bits of toilet tissue in it RIGHT NOW. I know your type. You're the type that gets the finger first. What you don't know is that the guy that put it in you smells it, finds out how bad you stink, and then passes on s**.\nGo take a f****** shower you feminist b****, and go find a man that will f*** you right.

  • even if she bite your d*** you a d******* if you hit her

  • ^^^^^Actually, there is no such thing. YOU need to get your facts straight. Naturally, women who are angry like to think they know everything about a man... Ugh. I am a man and I KNOW what is there and what isn't. "A nerve"... IGNORANT.

  • i have to say it. a guy shoving his p**** into an arsehole only screams homosexuality to me. oyea guys? you love being bent over a someone thrusting hard into their shithole, there are planty of gay guys out there willing to take it. we women arent the ones who ACTUALLY HAVE A NERVE DESIGNED TO GIVE O****** IN THEIR A***! guys DO. find you self a boyfriend and make him c** you p****. as for the comment saying go to the kitchen. id be happy to go- then rat poison your food. F*** calling police.

  • nice

  • hilarious that a woman will respond to this by saying that 1) she will rape you with a curling iron in retaliation and then 2) call the cops on you and have you locked up

    i guess she hasn't thought that through too far. cops locking people up for rape works both ways. Now back to the kitchen!

  • Women are supposed to get d**** up there ass, just like they should swallow c**.


  • Whatever, I love a***. I'm a girl and I bet more girls than you think like it in the ass. They're just afraid that it's too weird.

  • ^^C** on, cant you admit you like it in the ass, just a little??

  • ^ ^ ^If that were me, not only would I seriously mame you. I would wait till you were passed out, and then shove something (i.e. curling iron, big fat d****, cucumber, whatever was handy) up your "tight" little a******, then I would call the police and press charges for rape. . .bet all those prison inmates would appreciate the fact that I loosened up your "tight" a****** for them! Ha!

  • must of been a nice guy, because if you did that to me i bet that would be the last time you used your teeth for anything.. <3

  • Her reaction was Ow Ow Ow, but only after I was in her and started gently thrusting. I did a few strokes and stopped. She was p***** the next day, but it faded quickly.

  • LOL @ teeth during a BJ being a big deal. There's no such thing as a bad b*******.

  • not unless your shlong is chomped on

  • what was her reaction OP?

  • ^ You are an illiterate c***! If you did that to me, I would "accidentally" knock you right the f*** out!

    Good for you OP! That's one way to get some ass. : )

  • Your a dousche bag

    A guy did this to me once, a week later while I was giving him oral and I "accidently" used my teeth a little bit :)

    Karmas a b****.

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