I like gay p***

I'm a 17 y/o female who is very sexually curious. I find myself watching p*** but I am really only turned on by male on male action. What does that mean?

Jun 3, 2016

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  • Maybe you're really hot to have 2 guys at once and want to be the meat in their sandwich.

  • Its normal.
    We are atracted to the opposite S**/opposite gender.
    So if you like 2 men as a girl, it only means you are very hetero-sexual
    or very straight.

  • Same like i am a boy and watching lesbian p*** turns me on

  • I do the same thing it is fine

  • Dont worry hon your not the only one-grandma mulberry

  • Try www.chat.com
    Gays and bi there to watch on cam.

  • Means you are just weird and abnormal.

  • It just means that you need to admit what you are,,,,?

  • Nothing much, I guess if you like guys, you like them in all sauce ;)

  • Means no different than a guy watching lesbian p*** really

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