My boyfriends c**

So, today I gave my first b****** (out of choice). We were in the woods and things got steamy really quick, and it was slightly raining. He rubbed me and then I told him to stand up. He stood up and I pulled his shorts and underwear to his ankles, I spit in my hand and started sucking him. Later, he came in my mouth and I teared up cuz it tasted so bad. The first thought I had was that it tasted like nail polish remover. The pre c** tasted good tho. Both of them were salty but the actual c** tasted soo bad that I teared up and almost threw up. But I swallowed it because I didn't know where to spit it and I didn't want him to think I hated the taste of c**, which I did, but still. Sorry about the detail. I also got my period while he was rubbing me and I only had my underwear on. I also bled on my thighs and his hand. It took a bit to clean up. I had to put a tampon in, in the woods

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  • Now you can give your second b****** with no problems

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