Surprise g*******

Stuart my husband and three of his friends were round our house one night supposed to be going out for a drink and as usual before going really flirting with me with the usual comments about my love handles and with me being on the chubby side they always go on about there is plenty to hold but this time I felt naughty myself and actually taunted them saying they wouldn't know what to do with a proper woman flashing my knickers as I went upstairs to the toilet but this is when it all went pear shaped because when I came out of the bathroom I was faced by all four guys including Stuart telling me that I shouldn't have teased them because now they wanted me to prove that I was a proper woman and its no use arguing because apparently I've always given sexy signals so now's the time of reckoning. I thought that they were joking but they seemed to act as one person all grabbing my arms and legs marching me to the bedroom where I was thrown on the bed at the same time Stuart mockingly saying I shouldn't have teased the others so much in the past so now it is time for one of my fantasies to come true telling the guys about me always fantasising about having a g******* also saying that I couldn't get pregnant. I couldn't believe what he was saying and feeling very embarrassed but at the same time getting strangely excited knowing what was about to happen because I was obviously still pinned down and within seconds it seemed I was now stripped so I was lying there spread-eagled naked. Already my nipples were sticking right out and between them now they were pinching them and feeling how wet my F**** was which was in their words "sopping" but now it was George I think which actually got out his d*** making me start to suck him with the others fingering both holes this is when about now the first o***** starts to hit me much to the jeering of the guys and also they were holding my head making me actually w*** one of them until he came over my face. Over the next couple of hours I was repeatedly f***** even taken doggy style with one in my bottom and one in my f**** while having to suck one of the others even with having my bottom slapped and my t*** pulled while I was in the doggy position but not once any of them actually stripped off they just made me pull their trousers down and when they finished they actually got me to lick them clean just in case their wives noticed and actually thanked STUART not me for using me but while I was made to clean myself in front of the others Stuart actually invited them for another show when they want incidentally we are in our late 20s not schoolkids

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  • Sorry Jane about not being into other women but yes like you also I get turned on being humiliated been told what a s*** I am but I think one of the best times I had was when I did a strip at keiths pub one night so look out for "striptease at keiths"

  • Hi Jen my hubby Paul wants to f*** you as Stuart f**** me, are you interested? Jane xx

  • I will look out for it. I have never had s** with a woma but I do desire it and I'm sure it will happen. I have been amazed that so many men like us cubbies. My t*** are huge 42gg, they love them

  • I had random s** last night, I was driving home from a friends in Wales and stopped at a lay bye as I needed a pee. I got back to the car and had a smoke standing by the car. A couple of blokes drove up, we were the only ones parked, one asked me for a light and then commented on my t***, I lifted my top and popped them over my bra. Next thing I had two young men playing with them. Needless to say they both f***** me and I sucked their c****

  • Thanks Jane for the comment and I find it sexy confessing about my own happenings and are you like me chubby? And are you like me married?

  • Yes, it was your stories that got me interested in group s** and my hubby agreed. The most iv had is four but loved it, especially when Paul tells then what a s*** I am. I'm initially embarrassed stripping but when I'm confronted by hard c**** all wanting to f*** me, I'm in heaven. Pity your not bi x

  • We Jen still a chubby s*** then, I love it Jane x

  • Sounds like fun Honey, do you want to invite me to the next one. I would love it.

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