I love showing the truckers my p****. Does any other women like doing this.

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  • I am so going to stop at a truck stop tomorrow!

  • I do too! I'm single now so may have to crawl in the back with one sometime.

  • My hubby loves to drive while I am showing my t*** and p**** to truck drivers. After putting on a show we pass them but stay just ahead so they can see us and at the first truck stop or rest area we will pull in. Usually 3 or 4 of the truckers will pull in also. We prefer a rest area where we can get to a table that is not too near anyone and my hubby will go to the rest room and leave me alone sitting on the table. When the truckers see me they will walk over and after a little talking and flirting they gather and around to pretty much block anyone from seeing what is going on and take turns f****** me. While they are doing this my hubby will quietly walk up and watch. When they leave me we are back in the car heading home where hubby gets a good f****** too. If we can't find a rest area with a table we like I usually wind up in one of the trucks sleepers and they take turns with me there.

  • I like to got to truck stops and rest areas and do it. I really get wet doing it and crave s** when I get home.

  • Oh h*** yes I do, makes me have quick o****** when I get home with hubby.

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