My husband first B.J.

My husband has been watching me f*** the boy that cuts our grass for 2 years. I am 50 and my husband is 62. We live in a gated community called Farmington. My husband started letting the boy down the street cut our grass last year. His name is Ty and he is 19. One day in the fall Ty came by and ask if there was anything he could do to make some money. My husband told him that he could help us clean out the attic. Ty and my husband went into our walk in attic and started bring things out to send to Good Will. I was hot in the attic and Ty took his shirt off and I could not take my eyes off him. He was in very good shape. I told him my husband looked like that when we got married. I could only dream about those years. I went and got them something to drink and a couple of wet rags. I watched as he wiped the sweat off and I then took the rag from him and started wiping his back off. I wiped his arms down and then decided to go to the front and continued. I stood there checking him out and noticed he had gotten a h******. I was shocked to know I could still turn someone on. I was so flattered and could not take my eyes off it. I got so h**** and had to go downstairs. I could not get this out of my mind. They finished and my husband paid him and he ask if we needed him to come back tomorrow. I was hoping my husband would say yes and he said why don't you come back tonight around 9 PM that I have something else you can do for me. He then said ok and would see us at 9.
When he left I ask my husband what he needed Ty to do. That's when I got the shocked of my marriage when my husband said I need him to f*** you for me. I could hardly say a word but I did manage to get out you are kidding aren't you. He was serious and said no I am not kidding. I didn't know what to say so said nothing. I could not get my mind off what was going to happen or I hope it was going to happen. This 19 year old stud my not want this old lady.
The door bell rang and I could hear my husband talking to Ty. He came in and we said hello and I was so nervous. I didn't have any idea how my husband was going to pull this off. That's when he told Ty to get him a beer out of the frig and then ask me to come to the bed room with him. We went to the bedroom and he started taking my cloths off. I ask are you sure you want this and he said I think you are going to love this. I got in the bed and covered myself with the sheets and my husband left the room. I could hear them talking and then heard them coming down the hall. I watched as they came into the room and over to the bed. My husband pulled the sheets off me and started playing with my t***. He then told Ty to play with them and he started and my husband walked around the bed and sat in a chair by the window. I then ask Ty if he would like to f*** me and that's all it took he was in the bed and he didn't waste any time. He f***** me like an animal. I have never c** so many times. I lost my breath and was so red hot with sweat. He f***** me over and over until I pleaded with him to please stop. He didn't listen he f***** me even harder. It was the best f*** of my life.
When Ty finished he lay beside me and I looked over at my husband and told him thank you. He got up and came to the bed and started kissing me and then started moving toward my p****. He then started eating me and I could only think how much c** he was getting in his mouth.
We have been doing this for a year now and my husband eats me after each session but the last time he went down on me when I came I looked down at him and could see that Ty's d*** was only about 6" away from his mouth. I took his head and moved it towards Ty's d*** and watched as my husband opened his mouth to take his d***. Ty said no, but I said please, please I need to see this and Ty didn't move. I started moving my husbands head back and forth on Ty's d***. I could not believe what I was watching my husband sucking another mans d***. It was so amazing watching this I could feel my p**** tingling and then say Ty moving his hips up and down and I said to myself he is going to c** in my husbands mouth. Oh f***, I raised up so I could hold his head on his d*** because I was unsure if my husband knew what was about to happen. I then heard Ty groan and my husband try and pull his head back put I had a very could hold on his head as Ty shot his c** into his mouth. He then got his head off but it was to late, I could see c** running down his chin. It was so f****** erotic. I could not believe my husband Mr. Jock had just suck a young boys rock yard d*** and got a mouth full of c**. This has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. We do this almost every Saturday.
I had to tell someone so I told my best friend Peggy, and she didn't believe me. She knows my husband very well and knows he is a Jock. So last week I Skyped her so she could watch and the next day we went to Starbucks and that's all we talked about. I thing she is jealous.


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  • I'm 60 with an 8in fat c***, id live to f*** your wife and you suck my c*** after

  • Very sexy

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