Brock Turner is a rapist

Brock Turner is a rapist. Plan and simple. Just because the girl was unconscious doesn't make it less of a rape than if she were awake. I hope his six months in jail is a living h***. I hope someone does to him what he did to that girl. According to him, his family and that worthless judge its not that big of a deal. I hope everyday he's there someone takes 20 minutes everyday to rip his ass open. It won't be that other prisoners fault. Brock will be asking for it. It's his would be attackers who will be the real victims.

It's a good thing he's an all American swimmer. He's going to need to be able to hold his breath with all the d**** that will be shoved in his mouth.

Don't drop the soap you piece of s***.

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  • What good comes from this? Jail is just a school. We need a better way to punish. I reckon we should bring back the whipping post

  • He should be castrated. If you haven't already read it you should google the victims statement to the court. It's vary powerful.

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