I f****** hate women so much.

I wish that women didn't exist, that I were gay, or that I were tall and white. It's ridiculous how much consideration women give to superficial characteristics while ignoring personality. Women b**** about how they're single or how there are no decent men when what women really mean is that there are no tall white guys with decent personalities. To h*** with women. That misogynist in Isla Vista should've spent more time planning.

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  • You say you hate all women, but the truth is that you hate yourself. I'm a woman, and find most men to be deplorable. But that doesn't mean I hate ALL men, and that I don't date them. I happen to have two wonderful, loyal, fun, intelligent & sexy boyfriends! I'm bi, but right now are with these guys. Most of the good men and women are taken. That's just how it is. Being tall and white doesn't mean s***. One of my bf's is a hot Puerto Rican, and one is a Romanian Jew (who is white). My point is that not all tall white men are attractive. I do not even go for that type, actually! So, hate will eat you up inside. It's hard for anyone to find love these days, and just because couples seem happy doesn't mean they really are.

  • Dude, i'm white and 1,90m. also id like to think that im fun to be around with. buuut my cryptonite is shyness when i meet a girl i like - theres always s*** going on, nothings perfect, dont worry...

  • Not all women are like that smfh

  • You haven't met enough women.

  • If it's any comfort, being tall and white and nice personality doesn't make it all better. Women are basically just a pain.

  • You're just bitter that orange Dorito-dust fingers are a deal breaker for most women. And that they're uncomfortable with your mom coming along on your dates.

  • Spoken like a coping asshurt r*****

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