Nude beach quickie

I'm married with 3 kids and this week me and my husband went to the Caribbean for a vacation and left our kids home on our first day I pantsed my husband when he was flirting with some younger girls so they could get a good look at his tiny manhood which don't get me wrong I love him but are relationship was not built on good s**. With this new found suspicion in his faith I looked through his phone and found he had been having s** with a woman at his work which absolutely infuriatedme so without telling him I got dressed and left going to a local nude beach. Once there I was kind of nervous of getting nude but after seeing of the more well hung men I lost this fear I took of my shirt and undid my bra letting my dd cup sized b****** out then I undid my belt and dropped my jeans keeping my shoes on because I had decided to get these guys afternoon I'd go for a run but I was going to leave my thong on I started running and surely enough some of the men followed then I saw an incredibly muscular man with a massive c*** hanging between his thighs so I decided to go and talk to him and surely enough he took interest in me after a few minutes of talking we both went into the more private area of the forest igrabbed his thick c*** and got on my knees and began sucking his fat c*** after a few minutes I got on my knees and he surely enough ripped the thong right of my body and stuck that massive c*** in my p****.i probably came 3 times I got his phone number before he left and hung my shredded thong in the tree I walked back to my stuff slid my breath and shirt on but left my jeans off to let my p**** breath after getting f***** that hard by something that big

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