I got an Erection as friend test drove my new sports car

Prior to getting this new car I never let anyone drive my car. Through all of my childhood I was selfish. I never let any other kids play with my toys. When I turned 16 I got a brand new 2012 Chevy Camaro SS the V8 engine 45th Anniversary Edition. I was lucky to have rich family. Grandmother and my Mom got it for me. I was very careful took a while before I really floored it. I was so careful with the car it was ridiculous. I never let any of my friends drive it not even sit in the drivers seat and rev up the engine a little. I was a real selfish j***. Everything I did was done in a calculating arrogant self center way. My friends would stand my the drivers door while I sat in the car and revved up the engine really hard. The look on there face was priceless they thought I would at least let them sit in the drivers seat and push on the accelerator a little. When I gave them a little show they sat in the passenger seat and i'd floor it so they could feel the power of the car but never would I let them feel what it was like to sit in the drivers seat and smash the gas pedal. It was not long before I was dating the hottest girl in school she loved the car. I pretty much distanced myself from all my friends. I think they were tired of me and my selfish ways and were done with me.
I enjoyed that Camaro for a little over 1 year before it was stolen right out from me. I went to a address in the rough end of town my girlfriend needed a ride she said she was at a friends house. I drove over to pick up my girlfriend when I arrived A group of young black thugs beat me up and simply took off with my car I never saw it again. The whole ordeal is another story. It was not long before my girlfriend called me and broke up with me. I spent the next two years alone recovering from some bad injuries the first couple months. Those care thieve gave me a serious beating. I sat around depressed thinking about my car and where it could be. Thinking that ex girlfriend of mine had something to do with it. I had no friends if I wanted to go some where I was driving my moms car. Finally I started college back in January and ended up getting a New sports car. I got the 2016 Hyundai Genesis R spec I got the six speed manual and its got 348 horsepower. Getting behind the wheel of my own car and flooring it was simply amazing after all this time.
I was giving a friend from my study group a ride to pick up his car. I really did not even know him that well but he commented on how nice my car was. I pulled out onto the main road and floored it to the redline just to show him a little bit of what its got. He mentioned something along the lines of he did not expect that. He had no idea Hyundai made a real sports car its amazing when people see Hyundai they think some off brand sports car with cool body design and no beef under the hood. I sat there driving and felt this strong desire come over me for him to be in the drivers seat. I needed him to feel the power of my car's engine from where I was sitting in the driver seat. I did not even need to ask him I pulled over and he was already getting into the drivers side door and I was switching over to the passenger seat. I told him to drive it as hard as he could. I need to see if he would agree with me that this car is something serious and not some joke. He was waiting for traffic to pull out of the parking lot and back onto the road. I was looking at him because I wanted to see his reaction. He put his foot on the gas pedal and began to rev the engine a little then revved it hard like really hard. He carefully pulled out onto the road when it was clear and from a slow roll he just floored it and held his foot down. Until the rpm hit the redline and he went into 2nd then 3rd then he slowed his roll. It really felt amazing sitting in the passenger seat while someone else pushed my car to the limit. I was just sitting there really trying to take in everything from this passenger seat. I had never sat in the seat before. He continue to work my car really hard I suddenly realized that I had a raging erection. I was not sure if he had seen it he probably did not because he was busy pushing his foot to the floor. As i thought about him flooring my car again my erection pulsed. I was not gay for sure but why was i feeling excited about this dude driving my car. What the heck is wrong with me. When he got to the shop I pretended I was talking on my cell phone and told him i'd see him tomorrow . I wanted to wait for him to go into the place before I got out and walked around to the driver seat. For the rest of the day I continued to get erections if I simply thought about him pushing the accelerator of my car to the floor and pushing it to the limit. What the h*** is wrong with me?


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  • I like to rev my car so hard to get that feeling

  • Everyone has their fetishes, but one of the cardinal rules of life is that there are two things you never share with another man. A car is one of them.

  • Did you m*********?

  • Yes

  • Ah the enthusiasm of youth and wisdom that comes with age :)

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