My gf saw my best friends c***.....

My best friend and I lived together for quite a while and one day when I was rooting around the house looking for something with my gf she stumbled upon a condom wrapper for a magnum XL and she knew it wasn't mine so she joked that my friend must have been trying to show off for one of his flings and we both laughed about it and went on with what we were looking for. A couple days later my gf asked me if my friend was actually that big and I told Idk I've never seen it or asked. And that ended that discussion. Then a couple weeks later my wife and I were coming back to my apartment from a work party and we could hear music playing from outside the door. We were curious what was going on. So we walked in and then it happened. There was my friend plowing some hot bimbo with what might be the biggest c*** I've ever seen. And my wife quickly stated He wasn't trying to show off with that Magnum. He's definitely big enough! And she couldn't take her eyes off of it. From that day she has tried to get me to have a threesome with him......

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  • Wow man what a b**** why are girls like that?? She had her mind on d*** the whole time

  • She wants her p**** stretched in length and width ??
    I'd let her have the threesome, to watch her main and scream taking that monster c***

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