Wife was school s***

My wife was the school s***, every body I know f***** her, the first time I f***** her was at a party, she was drunk and six guys and me f***** her. I dated her for two years before we were married and got drunk at parties and she would f*** anyone.

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  • My wife started f****** when she was 15. She was incredibly lucky she didn't get preggo until she was old enough to get on the pill. I knew she f***** enyone who want her, and in fact I f***** her many times myself before we started going steady. Now, 5 years married, she tells me she wants to start having s** with more guys and has tried to get me interested in swinging. After thinking about it, I am leaning toward wanting to try it. WTF.

  • My wife was a s*** in her high school but I was from a different state and did not know it. About six years ago we moved back to her home town. Seems we can't go out anywhere with us running into someone that she has f*****. She was a cheerleader and she made sure everybody got some after a victory. Boy would I have loved to see that. I asked her how many men she has slept with and all she would say its under 1,000.

  • I love s****, I have always preferred them over prudes. I found myself a real dirty s*** and married her. We have been together for six years. She is averaging sleeping with eight different men a year. We have discussed having a family but that might interfere with all the fun we are having. I guess I would also wonder whose baby it was LOL.

  • I was the school s***, my husband knew this and still married me. I was a good girl for 5yrs but he works away a lot, now I go out just to get f*****

  • I married one of my high schools S**** too. And I really made a good choice by b**** are always empty. She just loves s** and would f*** anyone with a b**** on right in front of me. What a S***. Keeps a man happy.

  • My wife only dated black guys in school, a lot of black guys. Story's went around school about party's that she had f***** anyone that wanted her. I hooked up with her a couple years later, she had a black baby about a year old. When she sucked my c*** that night all I could think about was how many black c**** she had sucked, how many had c** in her mouth.

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