I have tried masturbating before, but im not sure if the way i do it is good enough.....any suggestions?

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  • Heh.. Mr. S** Doc here again. 2nd poster up. You don't need me, you need an attentive partner. Or some more reading on the subject. Who doesn't like reading about s**, eh? One of the best books I've read is one called S** Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. Some homophobes might cringe at the idea of this but wow, some points and lessons are so universally true. It's kind of the reverse on what I'm talking about except anyone's hand can use my info, man or woman.

    I've been asked two or three times to be lent out but I can't do that. The wife won't share. Heh. But it would make things easier to explain if it was the lovers hand but me telling them what to look and what might work next. Like how to rub, pull, wiggle, or pat lightly on her l****. Trying one or another and seeing the response, THEN stroking the outside of the hood on both sides then a quick slide of the finger up and down between the l**** to the entrance, a quick circle and back up and under the hood to -lightly- vibrating left and right your finger on the c*** oh so softly. This certainly should get a favorable reaction. See? Easy to describe but the results will only be as good as the instructions unless you really know the woman's own preferences.

    I don't have anything against trying to explain it all though. Its all about attention to responses under your fingertips, and knowing some sort of general... order of events you want to coax out. Its like you take it another step based on what you are feeling, or adapt to what is happening right then. I've also been surprised because I thought my wife wasn't ready or even close, but then she comes like crazy.

    I've typed out in great detail on how to use a hand to totally bring a woman to o***** to a friend on IRC once. I mean, its not absolute bullet-proof advice, but it was my experiences at least. He told me he had great feed back about it. He was dissapointed about some aspects of their bland s** life. He had never asked me directly about it but I think the wife bragged some time ago while we were all drinking or something like that. I mean, he eats her out, but she won't blow him? That is one sided and not really fair at all. I think she likes wielding the power and has to 'be in the mood' when it suites her. That's just dirty rules and really isn't good for a personal relationship in my opinion. I mean, she likes to f*** and he's fine in bed and is more than the "average". Both should have to initiate it at different times and both should be receptive to the idea at least, before shooting the other down. It shouldn't always be a knee j*** reaction. Its someones feelings you know?

    All of this advice is pretty brief after I read it all again. This venue isn't really the best place but it suited the confession, and others liked it I think. If you have more confessions on how you think something works or should work and it doesn't I'll pipe up and give my advice.

    If you are wondering about me, Iv'e been reading and posting on here for awhile now. I'm not the Site Shrink, but my responses have been nearly identical as his/her. Except I tend to leave a signature of being upbeat on the last few sentances and I wish them the best of luck. I hope some of you will try some of this advice. I hope the orginal poster is better at knowing herself now too.

    Best of luck!

  • Hes right. My wife has two spots.I stimulate one with my mouth and the other with my finger. When she's about to c** I slow down to make it last.
    When she finallly c*** it's like convulsions.

  • Hey Mr.S** doctor.....Do you think your wife would mind if I borrowed you for like 3 days? Holy s*** buddy, I need depends now!

  • God, I am so wet now! But that's a ton of measures to follow. What I do is use lubricant get my c*** really wet rub my fingers in tiny circular motions around my c***. Sometimes I really need to finger my v***** and get that really wet, I will also put my finger in my a*** after sometime of playing with my c***. then I just go at like crazy and c** :p

  • I think he cummed that way!

  • Holy Crap, a man just gave that advice? Well that just blows my thought all to s*** that all men suck in bed, have no real idea what they are doing even tho they think they do, and are mostly just in it for themselves. Did your wife train you or did you come that way? Great advice buddy!

  • ^^^^^^^ Good advice from a male!
    Holy crap!
    Lucky wife.

  • Female I'm guessing.

    Well.. many women o***** by different ways, and having different types of o******.

    First, find out if you respond best to vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or both. Figure out your own erogenous zones. Like, some women just dont get anything out of anyone playing with their b******. Some love it. Do you respond when your neck is tickled. Stuff like that.

    So the vaginal vs. clitoral... some have a problem, or cant o***** by way of pure vaginal insertion of something. Finger/s, toy, end of hair brush. Anything like that. But if you respond best to clitoral stimulation, you might never use vaginal at all. My wife likes a mix of both but focuses on clitoral.

    Be sure you get well lubricated, naturally or astroglide, your choice. You might want a mirror to see what you are doing, if you are not all familar with your bits. Places I'd start at is the mons pubis. The pubic bone, and the tissue on it. It can be pleasurable to rub or grind just that part. I've coaxed my wife to o***** just by that before. Next parts you might want to stimulate one at a time, or all together.

    Try playing with your inner and outer l****. I love doing it. Play with those, and maybe roll up and around the clitoral hood. Use what ever you want, circles, left/right fast, a -come here- motion. This is the practice part. You'll probably keep making new discoveries while doing so. Also, this is a good time to mention a vibrator. They don't always have to be used for insertion. It'll probably knock your socks off. Anything that vibrates will do too.

    My guess is you'll find the best results stimulating between the l**** and down to the entrance. Next is finding out what works the best with insertion of things. The actual sensitive nerves in the v***** are only about 2 - 4 inches from the entrance. You might not have to go past there. This is where the myth of a long p**** = better s** lies. The G-spot is about 2 to 3 inches inside the v*****, on the top side. Try to find that. It might be all you need.

    Dammit, I have to go, so visit Yahoo Answers or anything like that for more..

    Best of luck!

  • Practice, practice, practice.

  • I assume you are a younger female. I don't know the answer because I am a man but the patient and let your body adjusts to what ever feels good I guess

  • F or M?

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