My personal s***

For the past few months i having been paying my neighbors daughter for no holds barred s**, i am 56 she comes over now 4 or 5 times a week, goes into the spare room, where i now have a full wardrobe of sexy s** wear, she puts on the outfit i layed out for her, and then the next hour or so, i get to use her tight young soft body for my pleasure and desire, her small frame that i do nasty things too, it is bad but its so good and only costs me 200-300quid a month, i have introduced her and trained her to manage and enjoy deep throat and a*** s**, and the feeling of ejactulating inside her tight a***, v***** and deep in her throat, it makes me feel so young again

Jun 21, 2016

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  • Desribe her for us at least?

  • She had long died red hair, it covers her c cup b**** and a slim size 8 waist, beautiful face and glasses

  • Can I get her number

  • No im afraid she is mine currently, i wish this to last as long as possible

  • If you pay for it, she is a w****. Guees some will do anything for gifts or money.

  • I surpose she is, but a beautiful, sexy strong girl at the same time

  • How did it start? Must have been awkward or really dangerous to initiate the conversation without the potential of her telling on you...

  • It began with her looking after my dog while i went on holiday, when i got back it was obvious that she had been through my adult dvd collection and all my adult toys, this then happened as i went away for a few other weekends with her looking after the dog and to cut the story short she asked if she could earn money off me another way, i remember the evening as it was cold and wet and she wasnt dressed for the weather, she was obviously dressed to impress

  • You should have let her f*** the dog

  • Always a sick one

  • Lucky her;)

  • No, lucky me

  • Both are lucky in a way. Wish I has someone like you to f*** me like that;)

  • How old is she?

  • She is of legal age, i wont say exactly

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