I might be a rape victim

So I don't remember if actually happened but ever since I was like 5 or 6 I keep remember my dad raping me but it's not a full memory so I say for sure if it's true. I'm only 12 right now and I don't know what to do. Cause I don't know where I would have gotten the idea from but I can't tell my mom cause it might not have happened. I need advice though

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  • As a professional teen psychologist I can tell you that both previous comments (below mine) are wrong.

    Now, if you try to disregard their theories and ideas, where do YOU think these memories (real or not) might be coming from?

  • I don't know that's the problem cause I been having flashbacks since I was like 8 and I didn't have access to the Internet yet and if I did it was on a kid friendly mode.

  • 1. What gender are you? I just reread your post and noticed you never wrote that.

    2. So where do you, hand to God, honestly believe that these thoughts might be coming from?
    There's no pressure to get it right since there's no right or wrong answer really. It's completely fine, and even more common and natural, if you're a bit unsure. The idea is just for you to think about what you truly believe could be the source. To take a best guess, as long as it's what you honestly think.
    Could it really have happened? (If that's what you think then it's completely fine to say aloud!) Perhaps you saw something on TV or in a movie? Could it be from some confused sexual dream you had simply because of puberty?
    (I don't wanna give you too many options since I wouldn't want you to take something that someone else suggested and start believing that "that must be it".)

    So - what do you think? And once again, there's no pressure to be right since there's is no right answer. Just be honest with yourself. :)

  • I would think you likely had a dream after seeing something one TV about it. If it only happened once in you mind, it likely did not happen. You need to forget it unless you are certain. You will cause undue pain if it is not true.

  • I agree with above poster. What do you think you will accomplish by bringing up this subject now?

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