Girlfriend got a p**** cast from her colleague!

Me and my girlfriend have an decent s** life. I'm a bit below average size between my legs, about 4 inches when hard, but my girlfriend is petite, 5 foot tall and skinny, so sexually we kinda work. On her birthday, one of the guys who fancies her at work thought it'd be funny to get a rubber cast of his d*** made as a d****. He has fancied her for ages but she's been with me the whole time.

She gets back a bit drunk from birthday drinks with her colleagues, we go straight to the bedroom, all is good until while she is riding me, she gets off, goes to her bag and gets out a huge black d****! She then explains its the guys p**** cast. I'm mortified when she explains. She then holds it up next to my d*** and its almost double the size! She giggles as she tells me she's never had that big. She then shows me it has an opening underneath and starts putting it on my d***! "Just a one off birthday treat baby". I'm stunned I don't even move. I'm now wearing her colleague's big d*** d**** thing, it's not much wider but it's giant compared to my d***. She lubes it up and spends 10 minutes trying to get it in her p****. When in she starts riding faster and faster, screaming like I've never heard before.

She orgasmed twice, then the third time she gushed all over me. I've never seen her gush ever before! She finally gets off me, so I throw the d**** to the other side of the room, pin her down and get on top to give her a good f****** my way, to my horror I slide straight in with no resistance. She giggles and looks at me and cheekily says it must be the lube. As I try to f*** she looks blankly at me and says she can't feel me. Wtf that d**** ruined her sweet tight p**** for me!!! Only bonus of the night we had a*** s** and I came hard inside her ass.

It took a week for her p**** to go back to her original size but it never feels quite the same. Sometimes she teases me about how small I am compared to her colleague when we f*** as it makes me f*** her even harder. She says she wants to use the d**** again though...

Jun 25, 2016

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  • Never happened

  • She "had" to use the d**** again tonight, after a couple of drinks I couldn't get as hard as usual which she found hilarious comparing the moster cast to my semi. She f***** herself until she came, then pinned me down and made me suck it clean. As if life wasn't bad enough when she climbed on top she put my semi into her gaping p****, and I felt nothing. I think this will be the end of us.

  • I've been wearing the cast non-stop, I'm even made to wear it around the house inside my boxers to "make me feel like a real man". I've started f****** a 19yr old (I'm 31), she was a virgin so I'm plenty big enough for her.

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