Blacks beat the s*** out of a Ginger

I try not to be racially prejudiced but sometimes my patience is tried. I was drinking a beer with a black co-worker when he told me a story that made me sick.

A red haired boy had just enrolled in a majority black high school when they got on his white red haired ass big time.

He was at the top of the stairs when he was accosted by a group of blacks and he tried to fight the whole mob.

They beat the s*** out of him and kicked him down the stairs.

Apparently, his hair color was his undoing. He had to get the H*** out of that school and I don't know what became of him.

My Uncle married a Japanese woman and their children were picked on by blacks until they were removed from that school and the children's parents had to work two jobs each to put them through private school.

These are ugly incidents black folks.

Any of you have an explanation?

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  • The liberal parents are to blame putting their innocent child in that school. Of course on tv and in books blacks are the ones discriminated against. But in reality blacks are the most racist race known to man.

  • I'm a black person and even I can't explain that.All I can say is,"Don't judge and stereotype the majority of black,because of unlawful acts carried out,by a minority of black people!"
    We aren't,all the same.

    I'm law abiding and pursuing a law enforcement career,it's not within my personal nature,to hurt people :)

    I feel sorry for the victim,that was hurt and targeted,due to prejudice.

    It's black people like those perpetrators,that give law abiding/decent black folks,a bad name!

  • Other cultures are just as f****** racist white ppl just happen to have the power .....

  • Blacks have nothing but anger issues against whites and every other race because they know their dirt. this only happens in America it's funny how it doesn't happen in Britain or any other place in the world

  • Yup! Black on white crime is happening more frequently while the reverse almost never happens. I blame the kids parents. They put him in a racially charged war zone and the kid got his ass kicked. No surprise.....

  • These jerks did this because they HATE their own lives. I cannot stand when groups attack one person. Pure p****** if you ask me. Karma is a b**** though!

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