I grew up but my v***** stayed a child

I have a secret that the doctors told my mom when i was little they said i am not fully developed in my v***** meaning that i can never have s** or have a child of my own

and after growing up i found out that what they told mom was right because right now i am 28 years old with the v***** of a child's my body has developed in to a women's, but my v***** stayed a child, so i am a child in a womens body and that is my secret no p****

can fit in to my v***** i cant only halfway put my pinky in and that hurts like h*** i have only tired to have s** once and his p**** did not fit in and i felt like i was dying and because of this secret about me i have found out that i cant ever have s** because no p**** is small enough to fit inside of my v*****

Jun 27, 2016

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  • Wow! That sounds truly fascinating! Like I really wanna meet you and examine your v***** for the sake of knowledge.

    It's gotta be so hard and frustrating for you to live with though!
    Can you m********* (with just clitoral stimulation and no penetration) and does that feel good? Who else in your life besides your mom knows about it? Where are you from?
    Hope it's not too many questions. :) I just find your situation so tragic and interesting at the same time.

    Best wishes! B.

  • I just cant ever have s** because of what happened that is all

  • I think I can help k!k me captain.harlock

  • Did you just admit that you have a p**** smaller than a woman's pinky finger?

  • Don't wanna tell us more than your original confession I see. That's fine. Hope you have the best life you can despite your problem. :)

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