S** with a married man

I hadn't had s** for the past 6 years after breaking up with my boyfriend of 9 years. For the longest time, I couldn't get over my ex-boyfriend because we had such a hot and steamy s** life.

About 6 months ago, I met this guy who is attractive in my view. He initiated the first move by flirting and sexting me. I didn't react to it because I knew he was married but at some point, I fall for his charm and start to reciprocate the flirting and sexting.

About a month ago, as we were so crazy for each other, we decided to have s**. He gave me c********** and kiss me so passionately. I feel so damn high and was on cloud nine.

On the other hand, he has erection issue. I gave him b******* and he gets a b****. But as soon as he puts on the condom and wanting to penetrate me, he just loses the b****. It happened twice. On the third time, he finally managed to penetrate me. He literally f***** me to T.

As luck would have it, I came my period at the same time. There were traces of blood on the condom. He asked me why. Wanting to impress him, I told him I am a virgin. He was dumbfounded.

For 2 months he gave me a silent treatment. After 2 months, I couldn't take it anymore and tell him the truth. He appears so relieved that I wasn't a virgin. He is acting all friendly once again but there were some walls being build and the issue of s** never resurface.

The problem is he is my client. I see him on a weekly basis for work purposes. I try to act as normal as I can whenever I see him because I am so afraid that he will give me the silent treatment once again. I get so turned on whenever I see him. I am dying to have s** with him again.

I know he is married with a beautiful wife and kids. I am not bad looking either and is very successful in my career.

I am craving for him and all I do is to think of him every day and night. It is now affecting my work. Some nights I just cry myself to sleep.

Please advise.

Jun 27, 2016

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  • There are many many ways to relate. I think our society has gotten so up tight that the only intimate relationship is husband wife and kids. Yet this web site and many others are full of unhappy people stuck in sexually unfulfilling marriages. I'm like that. I love my wife and kids but the close emotional connection has gone. I would love to find a woman to have a hot affair with.

  • Hi. I just saw your comment. Are you still interested in that hot affair? :)

  • A hot affair? I don't mind being his mistress.

    He was pursuing me like crazy like any other boyfriend would do but after i had s** with him for the first time, he just gave a cold treatment thereafter.

    I am a very desirable and successful career woman but I am not sure why I am not attracting any single hot guys out there.

    All i do now is craving for this unavailable married man.

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