Not every man who loves children is a pedophile

In 1972 I moved into a new house. My next door neighbors five year old girl came over and I picked her up and hugged her and told her some ghost stories. I didn't give a crap about her private areas I just wanted to entertain her.

So here it si 42 years later and her daughter still comes over.

She loves the ghost stories.

Jun 30, 2016

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  • Sometimes, it's difficult for people to just see someone as a nice guy who means no harm...And, that's what makes nice guys into the pedos and bad guys. End up thinking, h***, they think I'm doing it anyway, and I'm tired of hearing it, so..Let's see what I can get away with.

    One of my neighbor's then-teenage daughters (a J-Lo lookalike) had her first kid, and lived at home for a few years. As the kid got a little older, maybe 4-5, I'd talk to her, give her things, and generally be nice to her. Neighbor guy, the girl's g-pa, was fine with it, as knew I was a nice guy, good neighbor, and harmless, only meaning to treat the girl, and, his own daughter, well.

    All was fine, until one night, when "Stephanie" (name change), the 4-year old's mom and Dan's daughter, got into it with her bf outside. Angry bf mentioned, among other things, "that guy across the street always around you and my daughter", meaning, me.. I thought, here we go..Problems. Luckily, Dan, the g-pa and dad, came to the girl's, and, my defense, saying I was better to them than he, the bf, was, and that he could "take a lesson from that guy" (meaning, me).

    Did it affect my future dealings with Steph and the girl? Yes, it did. Not a lot, but, from that point on, until she moved out, every contact I had, my brain thought..How can this be misconstrued as bad? Be careful..

  • Thank you for not being a pedophile.

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