Hooters waitress f*****

I am a 20 year old college student and work at hooters as a waitress i have very very big t*** that fill up the shirt and a sexy ass that looks good in the orange shorts i have had a regular customer and his freinds one of them named Mason looks so sexy he is constantly at the gym and is well muscled we have been talking and i gave him my number to txt me. He txt me one day saying we should go to the beach together we go to the beach and im in a super small bikini a few sizes to small so i can inpress i get there and i see im shirtless and thing o my f****** god he is sexy his abs and muscles are tan and water is driping down his body i walk over and his jaw drops when he sees me i walk up didnt say anything just kissed him as i rubed his abs after a few kisses he whispered"sexy we need to take this somewhere so i can f*** u" so we drove to my dorm and we striped his 7 inch thick c*** springing out of his bockers he layed me on the bed and started to f*** me the whole time i was looking at is amazing body by the time he pulled out and came on my t*** i had already orgaismed 3 times we did it twice more that night btw we will meet up again so i will keep u posted

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  • Typical HOOTERS WAITRESS. She does not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Thos is so sexy i love the hooters uniforms i bet u look so sexy what do u look like? and did he do a good job f****** u?

  • Im 5'7" in shape skinni with 40d t*** that try to bust out of my hooters girl shirts and my ass is nice and round from a ton of squats and they look amazing in my orange shorts and yes he did an amazing job f****** me i had so many orgaisms that night

  • That sounds so sexy i love hooters girls outfits i bet u r so sexy did he do a good job f****** u?

  • Tell us what happens when u see him again

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