Caught in girlfriends thong

I used to dress up in my girlfriends white thong when she went out and m*********.

Nothing new, loads of people do it.

We had a chin up bar on the door frame of the bedroom which was right next to he front door.

I was really h**** and decided to put the front door on the latch but still closed as a risk to getting caught.

I stood back from the door and played with myself until I was really hard.

I've got a small willy, 5 inches long, just pops out the top of the thong when erect.

I then went to the chin up bar and began swinging back and forth in just this tiny thong.

Right when I just swinging forward towards the door a gust of wind from my neighbour closing her door made mine swing wide open and I was exposed to anyone outside.

I jumped off and quickly closed the door not looking out to see if anyone was out there and to this day I still don't know if anyone knows my little secret.

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  • Your a Naughty little girl you need to slide your moms d ildo in you man slit

  • So you should be you naughty little boy, but that blue shiney thong made you look so cute

  • Oh god I'm so embarrassed now

  • Orange and you used to moan in the bathroom so I could here you playing with yourself! You know it true

  • I don't believe you what colour was my front door?

  • Oh yes I saw you! You naughty little boy

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