S** fantasy

I'm female and going to be 17 in a month. I have a male friend the same age, and I have fantasies about him dominating me. He's so sexy. I c** whenever I have this fantasy, and whenever I see him, I fight the urge to c** because he doesn't know about my fantasies.

Jul 8, 2010


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  • By the way that Englishwoman was one of only seven worldwide that was proven by a doctor. It is a very rare condition where women really cannot stop coming-an overactive gland or something, but if anyone thinks it's pleasant they are wrong. She is going crazy or feeling so all the time and they are trying to find a medicine to minimize or eliminate these occurrences. Last I knew they had no cure-look it up if you don't believe me

  • Doesn't seem to realistic for me either but there are all kinds of people out there and I suppose this could be a gift or a curse for her as time goes on. I heard about an adult woman in England that has all the 100 o****** per day and the doctors proved it. She had an uncontrollable c******* or something if I remember right. The doctors label that "p********** addiction" or something like that but the woman just kept coming no matter what she was thinking about-there was totally out of her control and not enjoyable after a while. One doctor told her that she should be happy and that a man would be lucky to have her! Apparently it drives her crazy so bad that she wanted to punch the doctor. Still, I agreed that a 17-year-old girl generally doesn't c** for no reason. I've also heard there are so many different types of o****** that females experience. Some really e******** like man and others have gel like substance buildup (like my ex-wife always did). She was so self-conscious that she would run to the bathroom and cleanup. I saw and felt this numerous times-really thick and clear and not like a man. Many times there was a real lot of release other times not as much but she was definitely getting off. The oldest thing I cannot imagine is the 17-year-old soaking as much as my ex-wife did sometimes. Her panties would be so drenched that she would have to change immediately and she makes no reference to this. I really think she might just be young and getting slightly wet as the other message suggested. She probably doesn't even know what a real o***** is-whatever perhaps she will give more information? And it really doesn't matter so long as no one is getting hurt. If there is any chance this is legitimate-I can't believe she doesn't just hooked up with the guy because he would have a ball if it's true

  • ^There are people that can do that, although not a lot. I read in Cosmopolitan that about 1-2% of the female population can o***** without stimulation. Honestly, I don't know how they can, seeing as I'm not one of those lucky women.

  • L****!!!! The girl is 17 claiming to o***** in her panties with NO stimulation. This confession can be classified into one of 2 categories:

    1.) A 17 year old girl who gets WET down there hwen she sees this boy, and does not know what an orgasmn feels like.
    2.) A BOY! (more likely)

  • ^Yeah, I do have to change my panties. I've had too many o****** to count in one day many times. Yeah, it really does happen without any physical stimulation. Weird, I know. But that's how my first one happened. I've had them during masturbation, but they aren't nearly as intense. I do this during a boring class, and over time, I've learned how to conceal it.

  • He could probably tell by the look on your face if you really came without stimulation, but then again if he is that young he may not be knowledgeable or smart enough to pick up on what was happening. Just curious do you have to completely change your panties or something like a guy? I can only imagine what that must be like, because any man cannot hide his erection so to speak and if he comes or when I did when I was younger it was a rush to the bathroom or any seclusion to finish it off and cleanup-wow it must be cool do you ever have multiple organisms? Lastly this happens without any physical stimulation?

  • ^I was 15 when I first orgasmed. I never have been abused. Yeah, it is a turn-on to be conpletely honest.

  • How old were you when you first orgasmed? Have you ever been abused sexually or something? That seems pretty young to be getting off in your panties without any stimulation-but what do I know-lol
    anyways it's kind of a little turn on to be completely honest. I wish that I knew a girl like you 15 years ago! Just be careful and enjoy

  • To the comment about teenaged parents: It does not take much experience to put your d*** in someone, it does take experience to learn to be dominating in bed while still pleasing your partner.

  • ^I am an almost 17 year old girl, and I do soak my panties right then.

  • This sounds more like a guy writing about a girl so I am a little skeptical, but given the benefits of telling the truth to you c** right in your pants or later on? He probably feels the same about you to-we whack-off all the time, but did not talk about it very frequently. Do you completely soak your panties or what? Sounds more like an adult female or younger guy but who knows-good luck

  • Evidently not all 17 year olds are inexperienced. Hence the rise of teenage fathers and mothers.

  • ^ Yeah right! 17 Year old boys do not know how to be dominating in bed. . .you'd be lucky if he knew where to put it!

  • Since he's a 17 year old guy, I'm sure if you just tell him your fantasy you can live it out.

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