I Am A M********...

I hired a street walker and paid her a hundred dollars to blindfold me, strip me, tie my hands behind my back, and force me onto the floor on my back. Being on the floor on your back with your hands tied behind you is very uncomfortable and being blindfolded makes you a little bit disorientated. When one does this you should have a prearranged safety word to suspend what is happening. I forgot.
She started by slapping my face several times and not gently. This is quite effective when you cannot see.
She made me lick the bottoms of her shoes. Then she pinched my nipples, ouch! Then she kicked me in the testicles, oh that hurt! Then she grabbed my testicles and squeezed and squeezed. I was begging her to stop, but she wouldn't right away. Then she stood on my p**** and testicles.
Next she held my head so I couldn't move it and ordered me to open my mouth and drink her pee and I better not waste any if I know what is good for me. She squatted over my mouth and peed and peed and peed. I thought I was going to drown. I could taste beer so she had been drinking and hadn't gone to the bathroom for some time. I did my best to swallow it all but there was just too much. To punish me for wasting some of her pee she grabbed my testicles again and squeezed and squeezed. I begged her to stop. I promised her more money. She asked how much and I said another hundred dollars but I will have to go to the bank for it. She stopped and untied my and then she took a piece of yarn and tied it around my p**** and testicles just in case I didn't follow through. I had to leave my zipper open and she hung onto the yarn giving it a tug every now and then just to remind me that I was still in her power.
We got to the bank and she came in with me to the automated teller machine. I was entering the information when she gave a real hard tug on the yarn and my already sore privates got another jolt. She said that it should be two hundred not one hundred. I gave her the two hundred.

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  • Yeah, they do that.... I hope that's enough experience with a street walker that you never try to get another one.

  • Wot an Idiot ! You are a worthless little man, arent you !

  • Jesus f***

  • You're a r*****. why would you sign up for that?

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