F***** up 4th july

My 4th july was pathetic. spent 150 on a firework and concert but i didnt go because my "husband" wanted to get a divorce instead.
he used to be a drug user and have violent issues. i fell in love because he took care of me after my surgery and accidents. and i am all alone in this state. i really care for him and i am hoping he does to me too. but he has issues. abandonment issues, and self esteem issues.
I work for a 100k job and i am the provider, and he never was with something like me. I dont think we are a good fit in a way.
make things worse, he loves two of his friends who constantly gave him malicious opinions, one was a cheater who just got kicked out for the 3rd time by his wife, and the another one does not have a job and a stable place to stay ( yet pregnant )... they cant stand others being in a steady life. i know all this.

but then what? divorce? i hate changes. but i am not happy in a way. i just wanna be left alone most of the time but i guess i am used to it. and he took good care of the house and the dogs. i wish he can gain some self respect soon otherwise i dont know where this is going.


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  • You need a good f***, I have a fat 8in c***

  • He is a user and you deserve better, let him go with his Cretan friends and move on

  • Consider this:

    The company he keeps tells the whole story. Making 100 k/year, you're hardly dependent on him. Be grateful for that.

    PS: Before you guys split, and while he is sleeping, gently tie his wrists and ankles to the bedposts with ribbon. Then tie a cluster of hefty firecrackers to his genitalia. You're a clever girl. I think you see where this is going ...

  • Sounds like the best option to me

  • Maybe divorce is the best option. Staying in a dead end relationship is not going to be the answer to your happiness. Break it off and figure out what makes you happy. Everyone hates changes, but c'mon.. there's change and then there's being a doormat.

  • It's going in the s****** real quick if you don't tell him how you feel

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