Journey into sexual debauchery

I wish to share my journey into my sexual debauchery.

First I was raised as a good church going catholic middle class family and I married a good church going boy/man. We were only 18. We had a great s** life. He had a great libido, and I would oblige his need (mine too). It was not very unusual, typical missionary mostly. as we spent more year together I slowly started to get bored and wanted change.

Not changing him (I did and still love him) but adding excitement to our s** life. So I loaded p*** on his laptop, and when he played the video I accused him of being unfaithful. The pleading that he did not do, it was unreal, he was like a small puppy following me and he would do anything I asked. I sternly told him that I should be his only source of sexual pleasure as this was my duty as a wife.

I told him what he loaded for p*** he was to do to me (I made sure I loaded a lot of c*** licking. As I made an academy award tantrum he obliged.This went on for an extended period of time, almost a year. At what point I wanted more and loaded group s** (gang bang) the next tantrum from the video I found on his lapdick (laptop) LoL was even better . I even threaten divorce, he was desperate.

I asked him if this turn him on, I will do it but I am your only source of s**. I force him in setting up one of these discussing group s** things and I would not divorce him. He pleaded that he did not load this on his computer. I kept the mad wife act together.

He arrange a group s**, which was a bust only one guy. I made a list of rules for these occasion. Any man who wanted to s**** me had to give me oral s** for at least 30 seconds,and kiss me (same amount of time) profusely ,while husband looks me in the eyes I figure a minute would be too long for a fully arouse man too hold it, well I was wrong judging by the amount of time my mount was being screwed before it ( huge stiff c***) was in my v*****, who got the pounding.

I notice my husband erection being harder when he watch this group s**, side benefit he would keep it up longer. He also seem to enjoy it more, this may be due to him e********** in my mouth or watching the other guy e********** in my mouth i do not know but just enjoy. This was only with one extra guy.

Now comes the real debauchery, multiple extra partners. Took him a long time to find 6 guys but he did, where he got them I don’t know or care.

Walking in the hotel room and seeing all these naked really h**** ( fully erected) ready for me was the supreme ecstasy. II gave them a good impression (as I had seen in my husband p*** video, actually mine), I licked my lips to excite them and I slowly ran my hand up my breast and slowly undid my blouse which I did not get to the last button before 12 hands were on me. My husband must have been very clear on my rules as my c*** was being licked and my lips were being kiss as instructed. That is when they could use me as they wish it was triple penetration very quickly , laying on my back with a guy below me with his thing in my rear end and one on top in my love channel and for the finally one humping my mouth. It did not matter to them where it was before it all ended up in mouth, amazingly I like it.

I loved it so much was my husband and I did these gang bang on many occasion. I did finally confess to my husband my treachery and he forgave me although I had to find a girl for a threesome. It was all worth it , I did enjoy the girl ( actually a good friend with no husband of boyfriend) I gave him permission to do her any time he felt like it.I do not know if he did or not.

This is my story now get off the internet and go s**** your wife or boyfriend or both at the same time. Enjoy.

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  • You need to go to confession. And then say three Hail Marys.

  • The priest would have a w*** to this confession and then have to confess himself

  • I'm a 60yr old busty(42gg) Catholic woman, could I join you

  • Please let me join you, I will submit to anything

  • Wow

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