Men wearing womens panties..

I'M 46 and love to wear knickers I wish I could tell my girlfriend butt think she would leave me if I told her. So I have to keep it a secret which makes me feel unhappy and I know it wrong not telling her . What should w do

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  • For Christmas my wife purchased me a pedicure and when the pedicure was almost done she had the woman paint my toenails black. At first I didn't like it but once I got home and put on my mini skirt, blouse and my open toe womens sandles I realized how lucky I am to have a wife who supports my cross dressing!

  • 20 years ago my girlfriend at that time would lick my a s s h o l e and I licked hers and she had me wear her dirty panties every day. My wife will not let me wear her dirty panties or she want lick my a s s but she let's me lick her a s s h o l e and wear my own panties so I just ordered a tounge licking toy to use on my a s s. I will let everyone know how it works.

  • I love this cold weather because I can hide under a jacket. What I'm talking about is I can wear matching bra and panties and pantyhose and womens socks and zip my heavy jacket up and go walk around Walmart or the mall and no one knows but my wife. She doesn't want people to see me cross dress but she knows I prefer womens clothes and if I could I would fully cross dress 24/7.

  • I ordered a pink sports bra and am waiting for it to come in. Now I want to order a pink panty and pink work out shorts and start working out in womens clothes.

  • I've been wearing my wifes dirty panties every day for several months and not long ago I started wearing a bra and also a dress around the house. Last night during s** I c u m m ed in my wifes mouth and she all the sudden she kissed me and spit all the c u m into my mouth (blow back) and made me swallow and said now I'm being more lady like and it was kinda sweet tasting.

  • Ha done the cumm thing too it tastes sweet

  • I swallow it every day.

  • My wife usually has me to wear her dirty panties every day. This morning she handed me her period stained panties that are clean and a maxi pad and said she's on her period so I have to wear a pad all week or a tampon. H*** no to the tampon.

  • U know I wear pad in My panties. When my wife has period I pee a little in my panties on pad. This happens ever time she has a period.,so U guess U can say I’m having my period too

  • Try the tampon

  • It hurt my a*** when I tried shoving it in.

  • That’s the best way U’ll get use to it and want everyday with

  • I ordered my first dress from ebay and put it on last night. I felt so sexy eating dinner with my wife while wearing black panties bra and my new black dress. After dinner I showed her how good I am at playing like I'm a lesbian. Now I need a wig high heels and lip stick.

  • So get it and complete the idea and feel great I bet she will like it

  • What is the best part of wearing panties? For me its the slim crotch lining and the cute bows or lace trimming. Mens undies are big crotch lining and nothing sexy and up to your neck in underwear.

  • Why will you woman not sale your stained panties? Why throw them away? I will buy them!

  • I can send you my wife’s ones ?they are stained and smells great

  • What is your email? Let's make a deal or we could trade (my wife wears thongs).


  • I wish a woman on this site would offer to sale her panties that she would throw away. That's the kind I like to wear. I like panties that a woman has stained from owning and wearing for a long time. If you wear a pack of hanes her ways white cotton panties and full of stains and you sale them for $20 a pair, that's a good bit of money. So come sale your panties! Please!

  • I might consider that

  • What is your email. I will buy them.

  • I started dating a girl and we planned a trip to London, the relationship was still quite fresh, but we had a nice hotel in central London, we had a s** fuelled night and we woke in the morning and all she had on was her thong, she flicked it to the wall and went in the shower! I couldn’t help but get it and put it on, so I did and thought I would lay on the bed until she came out of the shower. Eventually she came out saw me and laughed, and went on to say I love it, wear them all day. I did and loved it, that was 12 years ago, I’m still with the same women

  • I love to wear girls knickers and bra and put a pad on and put a dress on tights on and put on makeup on and scent on. And feel like a sexy girl. I would like to have s** with a man and suck is d*** .

  • We can wear nylon panties and dry hump each other

  • Were can l meet up with you. Please let me know.

  • I could suck on your nylon bulge and make sure to lick the wet spot.

  • I like to wear a womans dirty panties

  • I like to wear dirty knickers if l could get a pair.

  • I ordered dirty panties from a little person on her name is Little-couple9 on you can buy her dirty boy shorts for $15. She has a nice a s s.

  • Go on to and tell the ladies you want to wear there dirty panties. They can cost from $25 up to $100.

  • Years ago I would take my aunts panties from the hamper. They were large but silky. She had a big ass I loved the ones with pubic hair intwined in the fabric. And sometimes stained

  • Got fetish for large granny knickers stayed at aunties big house in Devon found pair of big link directors knickers in Laundry room couldn't resist out them on and was j********** in them when she came back early had to forfeit or she was going to tell Parents so bent me over the shower and pulled panties back stuck shower head down my knickers and put shower full on knickers were soaking then p***** over my knickers

  • Found a pair of aunties pink satin directoire knickers in her washing when she went out couldn’t help myself put them on felt really kinky she came back early told me me would not let anyone know but had to do forfeit so she put me 9ver her knee and spanked me through her knickers so erotic made me come in her panties now her regular spank boy

  • Two years ago wife caught me jerking to gay p*** in her panties.. now I have my own panty draw. And we enjoy male male female threeway

  • U know U just might like a S****** I ‘M one I llv to help U out U will like it and Ur wife will
    too. Try it 💕💋

  • I just found that a relative of mine turned 18 and has said that he wants to be transgender that he wants to take hormone pills and wear womens clothes. I wear panties but not anything else. I see nothing wrong with him being happy. He told his mom and grandmother but he's scared to tell his dad.

  • If a man prefers to wear knickers why the h*** shouldn't he? Females wear masculine clothing all the time yet no ones bothered. Yet if a man likes to wear something girlie he gets abused for it. I'm male and for one loves and enjoy wearing knickers and what harm do I or the other men who love to wear them do? None! Not sure why it's so taboo when girls themselves wear clothes more associated with men often.

  • I were thong and bikinis. My wife knows and don’t care.. we even have a weekend pair of matching with Saturday and Sunday on the ass.

  • Do you ever wear a pad or panty liner? I do if I wear full cut or bikini panties.

  • I am wearing my wifes cotton midi white panties,last night I managed to make her c** when she still had the panties on, a nice slow rub on her c*** made her c** which wet her panties, I then managed to get them out of the laundry box, they feel wonderful--wet and warm, would love others to wear them.

  • Your a lucky man. I would sniff them lick them and wear them!

  • I agree with that and one other thing tell her U have them on and they feel good and see what happens

  • A panty store in Memphis Tennessee called Trousseau has a pre inventory sale until July 19. Go to and use inventory20 at check out for 20% or more off. I even call them to make an order and they dont mind helping men. In a back room at the store they have nylon vanity fair panties but you have to ask for them.

  • I wore a thick poise pad in my satin panties today. It caught all my pee dribble. I loved wearing it.

  • Great thanks I pee every time my wife has period. U must say I’ve period too thanks 💋💕😘

  • I got my poise pads sample pack in. It has 8 pads in it. It contains two of each kind of pad. It has thin panty liner, long liner, med thick pad and over night pad. I wore the over night pad last night.

  • Well how did it feel U didn’t c** on them did U hope U did

  • I buy panties from saarah on and I show her pictures of my self wearing her panties and pictures of myself cross dressing and she loves it.

  • My love for panties goes back to my teenage years..With three sisters and mom there we're alot of panties all the time in the laundry and I took advantage to m********* with them before they got wash" of course I helped do the washing! So through the years I've collected hundreds of panties, pantyhose , bras and mini skirts to crossdress up in. I have a Petite girly looking body and have always wanted to be a girl..I guess that's why I'm drawn to Shemales and lesbians and love watching them m********* and f*** each other in all there wholes so I've been lucky to have had several Beautiful Shemales and lesbians to play with and m********* and to f*** each other silly into the night..I'm just a loving want to be s****** enjoying my feminine side of life!!!

  • I'm the same way. I hate not being able to wear all womens clothes and shoes 24/7. I do wear panties every day and fully cross dress at home.

  • Between me and my wife we have 5 dresser drawers full of panties and she still buys more. I feel we need to sale some panties. Anyone wants to buy some for a cheap price let me know.

  • I would love to buy some

  • Email me at and make a deal for panties. I'd sale them for a dollar or 50 cents a pair. Thongs bikinis gstrings.

  • Any pics so we can make a pic?
    Reply to 609-489-1789

  • What's your email so we can discuss pictures?

  • What do you mean make a pic?

  • Today I went to poise maxi pads free trial offer and put down a female name and my post office box info. They said I will receive free pads in for weeks. I cant wait to wear them in my panties.

  • Yesterday me and my wife put on matching pink bikini two piece swimsuits and sun bathed for a couple of hours.

  • My wife is on her period. She gets me to wear a pad in my panties the whole time she's wearing one. There not that bad to wear.

  • I wear panty female partner makes me wear them when she is on her period....and I wear them all day..when I get home she inspects the panty liner and any dampness she makes me lick it

  • Does she give the pads or do go and buy. How does that make U feel to buy 💋

  • She has gave them to me. Recently she ordered a trial pack of poise pads for me and I got her to buy the ones I liked the most. She has also got me to wear a slightly b***** pad of hers so I would really feel like I'm on my period and its gross but fun.

  • I went on a dirty panty cite wanting to buy pee stained panties but the women only wanted to sale panties to sniff. I'm waiting on the thrift store to open.

  • Last night I had forgotten that I had on my wifes dirty panties. When I went to bend down she saw them sticking out the top of my shorts. She acted like she wasn't mad and started kissing me and pulled shorts and panties down then she stroked my c o c k while I fingered her and she caught my c u m in her palm then told me if I'm going to wear her dirty panties from the hamper then I have to drink my s p e r m from her palm. It was sweet tasting. Then she gave me the nylon bikini panties she was wearing and had me put them on. Hers was wet with her c u m and had her pee and p*** stains in them. If all I have to do to wear her dirty panties is drink my s p e r m well at least its sweet tasting.

  • Sounds like U have good things going stick with It It sound sticky hot and great. I wish had her wet panties to lick on. 🙏

  • With some stores open I'm going panty shopping tomorrow. I'm going to buy some sexy bikini panties. Anyone else panty shopping tomorrow?

  • I've got my aboveground pool ready for swimming but even though the weather is hot the water is cold. Luckily enough I live in the country and have a privacy fence so i can swim or sun bath in the nude or a cute bikini. My wife likes to swim naked. I start out in a pink two piece bikini then I wind up naked. Today after work I sun bathed in my two piece.

  • I love getting all dressed up as wellas wearing lingerie. I'm wearing a black nylon and lace bra with pink ribbon running through the lace and a pink bow. I also have on a burgundy Jockey tactile nylon camisole, magenta Olga full cut nylon panties, vintage white silky half slip, and Hanes Silk Reflections lace topped thigh high nylons. My outfit fot tday is a silky yellow blouse, black satiny skit with different colors in it and brown pumps. I'm ready to go shopping.

  • Can I go with U maybe we can check out how panties look on Ur roundness ass💕

  • I'm wearing a pink blouse, pink nylon panties and bra and a white skirt with pink flowers. I would go shopping with you. I hate the mall is closed.

  • I put on my satin panties and tight Jean's and went to the lake. I saw a lot of women wearing running shorts and walking on track around lake. I was jealous because I want to wear running shorts with my satin panties but men don't wear running shorts.

  • This morning my wife opened my son's bedroom door and he was asleep with her panties on. She came back to the kitchen and told me our son was asleep with her dirty pink panties on. He is 14 and I started wearing panties at 12 and am 35. I got him up and he said he fell asleep with them still on and he liked the silky feel of the nylon. Later we went to walmart and bought him a couple of packs of panties. I also told him my experience of wearing panties and how a couple of girls left me because I wear panties but most of them don't care what underwear u have on. And I said leave your mothers panties in the hamper?

  • You need to tell her

  • What if she doesn't approve of it?

  • I bet she would understand after U show her Ur silkPanties that U have on 💕😎

  • Right now I'm wearing deep purple matching Olga panties and bra along with a long satin pink Kim Rogers nightgown, a vintage very silky half slip with roses embroidered on the front, and Hanes Silk Reflections lace topped thigh high nylons.

  • I would like to eat U and lick dry 💋

  • Sexy!

  • I want to get with another guy and strip down to nylon panties then dry hump each other until we c u m then I want my a s s licked. I would pay to have my a s s licked.

  • Would love to be in bed wearing panties with you, j*** you off pull down your panties and clean you up, supper horney now

  • Please email me at

  • Where you live

  • I’m next in line to have my panties pulled down and get my ass drained. 💕🙏

  • Me too!!!

  • I went to the beach last year,every night I would dress like a woman, go 4 a walk, on the 2nd night I was H**** as H***, so I go looking for some fun. I was on the prowl
    Then I met a s****** , we set on the steps, our chit chat led to s** talk. He said that he was a s******, I said to prove it ,He unbuttoned his blouse and 2 BEAUTIFUL t*** was loose,I sucked each one, and at the same time I reached into his shorts DAMN WHAT A LUSCIOUS D*** ,ABOUT 7 INCHES LONG AND VERY FAT, TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, I WAS VERY AROUSED ,WE MADE LOVE ALL WEEK LONG

  • I hope U swallow all that Hot

  • I did U swallow all of sweet Hot c**. I hope U milked him good💋

  • It taste delicious

  • Did you have on silky panties? Did u swallow his c u m.

  • I wear women's panties and bra for 25 years now. My neighbor got me into it.i would sit on my front porch and look up her dress,trying to see her panties , then one day I got to see her turquoise panties. That night her husband was gone hunting, she envied me over.SHE SAID SHE WANTED TO GIVE ME SOMETHING, I WENT OVER THAT HIGH AND SHE WAS TOTALLY NAKED, SHE SAID THAT I COULD F*** HER IF I WAS WEARING MY PANTIES AND BRA , LUCKY ME. I F***** HER SEVERAL TIMES AND FINALLY GOT HER VIRGIN ASS

  • Last night after showering me and my wife slept naked. This morning on my night stand was her dirty thong. I asked did she mean for them to go in hamper and she said no that I am to wear them to day. My c o c k is extremely hard. I love having my c o c k next to her pee stains.

  • I will buy your dirty panties. I will also buy your clean panties that have pee stained gusset. Email me at to make a deal!

  • My job laid off every body for at least two weeks so to stay positive about the situation I've picked out extremely sexy panties for every day and satin nightgowns or teddy when not leaving the house. Tomorrow I'm going to wear skirt and a blouse and matching bra and panties while I cook lunch for me and my wife.

  • I'm wearing a pink lace bikini panty and a short plaid skirt and I love the erotic feeling I get from these outfits

  • You should try a pink bra and a cute blouse! It will put you over the edge.

  • What’s with pink. Try nice satin black or red bra with tight bikinis or thong💋

  • I'm wearing pink satin string bikini panties and tight blue jeans.

  • Does anyone of you guys sleep in teddy's, nightgowns, or baby dolls? I usually sleep in a satin teddy or night gown. For Valentine's me and my wife slept naked.

  • I sleep in a long nylon or satin nightgown every night along with bra, panties, and lace topped thigh high nylons.

  • The satin nightgown sounds nice but not sure about the bra.

  • The best dirty panties I bought was for $50 (two day wear) from a woman on her email is they have a lot pee stains with a musky smell but has no ass smell or skid marks.

  • Come on some girls must want to sell their dirty knickers

  • Any girl want to sell her dirty panties?

  • I also love to wear pink panties. My second favorite is panties with flower prints. To me more feminine the better. I really like the silky feeling as I walk. Last the crotch lining on mens underwear is to big. I like the slender crotch lining of panties.

  • And it holds you better also

  • I am into lace panties they feel so nice against my body l am straight but I also like wearing suspenders and stockings they feel so nice on my legs I wear them whenever I can

  • I like pink panties as well something about pink especially Fluro pink

  • Hi women's panties are more comfy than jocks they have a nice feeling to them and they r much more comfortable

  • I luv wearing panties I luv any sort of panties

  • Me too

  • I love wearing womens panties I have hundreds of them

  • For Valentine's I'm going to wear pink see through panties with blue trimming and a pink satin nightgown. Anyone want to see. I ready posted my email.

  • I'd luv to c u in your attire

  • I need a online panty mistress to make me wear her panties and to wrap them around my c o c k and make myself c u m.

  • Why is this even a question?? If a man wants to wear knickers instead of boring boxers then why the h*** shouldn't he? What crime is he actually committing?

    Society is a joke thesedays. Women can wear all sorts of more male attire but if a man wears anything girlie then he gets questioned about it. Double standards.

    I'm a male that loves to wear underwear more associated with females and know past girlfriends have not been totally happy with it but that was their problem, not mine.

  • This morning I put on pink silky panties. I looked at my silky bulge in the mirror and admired my bulge. Now I'm going to work and wonder why nobody wants to see it. Give an email and I will show you my satin bulge.

  • There is a woman at work who said she has never worn panties. I wore my first pair when I was twelve and was in the panty closet til I was 18. For the last 20 years I worn panties every day. To be born female and not wear panties is upsetting to me. I have to wear long shirts to tuck in over my panties. Women can wear mens or women's clothes and who cares but us men have to hide our womens under clothes.

  • I agree if women can wear clothes that r like men's clothing there is nothing wrong with men wearing girls panties or clothes

  • Yesterday me and my wife was at Victoria secret and I bought us matching red Brazilian cut panties that are silky material with glitter on the band and matching red bras. After showering and changing into new bra and panties we sat on couch to watch television and my bulge became a silky h a r d on so she rubbed it then pulled the front of my panties down and sucked me dry and I licked her to an o*****. After that it was get naked and in bed. We sleep in the nude anyways.

  • I went the beach this weekend and all I wore was womens panties and bra,it was a great feeling ,I got a little tipsy and said what the H***, no one knows me. So I dress up in fish net hose,purple things black mini skirt ,see thru blouse. I have nice female t*** 36dd. I go for a walk, and I get F***** 5 times and suck 7 d****

  • What beach do you go to, I want to suck your D***

  • I would join you and suck him dry.

  • Would love having you pull my panties to the side and have you lips wrapped around my 8 inch shaft

  • I would swallow your load

  • That's hot. If I was there I would wear my panties and bra and walk with you.

  • U are very welcome! Mabey a little fun later

  • Sounds like fun...momspantysniffer

  • I would wear a satin pink panties with a matching bra while walking on the beach with you and drink a martini.

  • We need to have a panty contest. Categories are biggest bulge (men). Biggest camel toe (women). And sexiest panties (all). What do you think? Want to play?

  • I been sitting around with my wife both of us wearing matching satin bra and panties (pink) her favorite color while watching football. Shes mad because saints lost. Before the game she said if saints lost I had to lick her ashole. I kinda dont mind putting my tongue up her butt.

  • My c o c k is feeling reel good in my silky panties! Dont you want to see?

  • Can I suck it

  • Y E S !!!!!!

  • Email me at and I will show you my satin covered c o c k or just my c o c k!

  • I badly want to show my satin covered c o c k!


  • What's your email? And I will show you.

  • I like to show pictures of my c*** to women. I also show pictures of my c*** c****** and in panties. Any women want to see?

  • Me and my wife had swedish massage. I without thinking left my pink silky panties on. I was covered up but at one time the woman removed sheet by my thigh and stopped once she saw my panties. After a few minutes she started back massaging.

  • My wife bought us matching pink silky panties for Christmas. They feel lovely.

  • Just put the wifes cotton blue panties, went to the bathroom and peed through them,sat in the same room with her wet panties on she does not know but its a wonderful feeling--hope to c** in them in the next hour.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Once you go panties you dont want to go back.

  • A guy at work got up from a chair and walked off and his silky pink panties showed. One guy went to crack a joke but someone else said at least he's wearing underwear.

  • I don't wear girls knickers all the time but have a selection of frilly, sexy female undies to wear whenever the mood takes me.

    Lets be honest, women wear clothing that is more for males on a daily basis and no one cares, yet when us men wear anything which is remotely feminine we get accused of 'being gay'...and it's females who usually do the accusing.

    I'm 100% straight but it doesn't stop enjoying wearing knickers. I don't get the so-called connection between your underwear choice and your sexuality.

  • I agree I have plenty of women's knickers I love wearing them more comfortable than jocks

  • If it feels good wear it.

  • I was at a sports store last night and looked at some umbro soccer shorts. They brought back memories of the late nineties when I would wear them with satin string bikini panties. The satin shorts and satin panties is something I loved. Now girls wear running shorts at which I have a pair but wear them in the house with a g string or thongs.

  • I received my teddy from today. The front bottom portion is satin with lace trimmings. I putted on and got hard. My wife saw me and rubbed her hands all over me then sucked me dry.

  • Lucky man !

  • I'm a big man and wanted to order a teddy. I went to and ordered a 3xl teddy. I then wrote on my order that I was unsure if I was getting the right size and that I was a man that wears size 9 panties every day. A few minutes later a woman called me from the company and talked to me about how to convert my size to womens. I will order again.

  • Good for U in not giving up 💋💕

  • I'm so up set! I'm traveling in Mississippi and was going to stop at the haines outlet store in batesville ms. to panty shop and found that they closed the store back on November 20th. I loved shopping there. It's so sad.

  • Last night me and my wife stayed at a hotel and she forgot to bring nightgowns or sleep shorts so we slept naked. I woke up with morning wood. Now I'm wearing thong she wore yesterday and we are going panty shopping.

  • I
    Buy some nice thongs sound like U like them . I know I do. 💋💕

  • It's so cold outside that I could take a sick day and sit by fire place with my wife in matching satin bra and panties and drink coffee.

  • I like to wear my wifes panties when they are still warm, even if there is some staining--I prefer the warmth of her white cotton midi panties.

  • Sometimes my wife will take her panties off before showering and put them beside my night stand for me to put on in the morning and wear to work. I love wearing my wifes dirty panties.

  • Can I have a PAIR of her soiled panties

  • How much would u pay for her panties

  • How much do you want

  • $25

  • Do U smell before U put them on I bet U do and I bet if there some juice U taste them don’t U. Hope U do because I do and it’s great.💋💕

  • Last evening my wife was in her black lacy bra and panties, I put my hand inside her panties, her long black curly hair is wonderful, rubbing her c*** which sprang up like a small nipple, then I put 2 fingers up her very very wet v*****, she came in her panties then put them in the laundry--when she went to the bathroom I soon had her panties on--what a great evening--her wet panties next to my skin---great.

  • Way to go man of my heart love it too💋💕

  • Does anyone have a work panties and weekend panties?

  • I normally like to wear different panties each day--usually ones that fit nicely, I enjoy cotton best as wearing them all day is comfortable. Colours I like best are white or pink. My wifes panties I always find the best to wear for the feeling of excitement that it gives me.

  • Try wearing her dirty panties. I love wearing my wifes dirty panties.

  • Me too love .do U ever taste them wet juices. Try it 💕💋

  • Yes and her mother's..


  • I usually wear satin string bikini panties but yesterday I wore a silky thong that my wife wore friday. The thong had a lot of discharge in them. Today I'm wearing my own black nylon bikini panties and she wearing a pink g string. She is wearing a baby doll and I have on a black bra and pink slippers.

  • I worked with a girl who is a looker, she started texting me and making suggestions, cutting. Almond story short, she mentioned she was wearing silk panties, I mentioned that they must feel nice, she suggested I wore them to see for myself. The next day she gave me a bag and said, now you wear them tomorrow for me. Well yeh ok, the next morning getting dressed for work, I popped them on, oh my my what a feeling and an instant rock. At work she looked at me and winked, well she said, I said wonderful feeling, she said yes that because you know what was in them yesterday. It got hard again, oh she said look at you, we need to sort that out right now. That was 9 years ago and she has made me wear nylon sheer panties ever since, every day. At night she gives me her panties to lay on my pillow to smell her odour, oh my god what a way to go to sleep, well some nights anyway 😛

  • That’s very good what more canI say but enjoy. 💕💋

  • I wear satin panties daily but last night after sleeping with my wife she me to wear a satin nightgown with not panties. I'm glad I did because I woke up with morning wood.

  • Nice, I wear satin panties, matching bra, satin babydoll and satin gown every night, having at least 8 sets, my wife wears sheer nighties that’s it.

  • I've been wearing panties for over 20 years but last week my wife talked me into wearing a bra. Its been fine around the house because we're not in public. Yesterday was going to take it off to go to mall but she got me to wear a jacket. I wore jacket at mall then Walmart and finally at McDonald's. I'm going to hate this summer and not able to wear matching bra and panties in public.

  • Ha get a “A” cup bra pull shoulder strapes up little tighter and hook straps around chest a littler too and U will be ok. That’s what I did and works fine. 💕💋

  • Why not do as I do, wear nylon panties matching bra all year. All you need is a good fitting bra and wear a female vest under your shirt, been doing this for months. Never noticed anyone pointing or looking.

  • Today me and my wife is going to sit around in satin panties and satin nightgowns and watch football. Might order pizza but she will have to answer door. My team is going to lose. I'm ole miss fan.

  • I’m a State fan

  • You need to fire coach moorehead.

  • Agreed. Is there a place for MS panty wearers to connect?

  • I dont know of such a place. My wife doesn't like me telling people I wear panties. A few sales ladies know I wear panties.

  • Happy for U do U let sales girl pick out panties for U too if so good for U if not U should let them pick out some that they think U will like. 💕💋

  • I wear panties everyday now for 10
    Years my wife and I have matching soma panties and we always match

  • I feel naked without panties on. I hate the thoughts of wearing mens underwear.

  • I agree tight satin panties great and feel great on. Always wear them. Good day 💕💋😑

  • I love wearing panties also

  • I love to wear panties, especially those with fresh c** in them,

  • I like buying panties at tanger outlets in south haven ms at the Haines store. Sunday is best day to shop. It's slow and the sales ladies dont mind being open minded and helping a man shop for panties when it's a slow day.

  • Are there any online forums or sites for likeminded people to share this side of themselves?

  • My wife had me to wear her dirty thong that she wore for two days. The panties have had me h**** all day.

  • My wife wore a red thong for two days then had me to wear them today. Some people might say its nasty but to me I love wearing my wifes dirty panties.

  • Good for U keep it up💋💕💕

  • MY NEIGHBOR GOT ME INTO WEARING PANTIES, HER PANTIES,...she saw me looking up her skirt 1 morning, and spread her thighs so I could see her P****, that night her husband was gone and she invited me over, when I went inside, she was wearing only those panties. SHE SAID I COULD F*** HER, BUT I WOULD HAVE TO WEAR A PAIR OF HER PANTIES, THAT WAS 3 YEARS AGO, now I wear women's panties all the time and f*** her at her request

  • You go boy

  • This story of your neighbor, her panties, and you is incredibly hot. Damn right right your c*** should be in panties after that experience. I wish there were more women like your neighbor:) As a man who wears panties 24/7, I feel compelled to tell my fellow panty wearing men... wax your c***, b****, ass completely bare. Full Brazilian. If you are going to wear panties, wear them correctly... bare. Not only will you be frequently wet... but there are so many female aestheticians who will be happy to help you out. They will be accepting and helpful when you show and share your panties, and they will also make you pretty. Do it right, sweet bare c*** and ass underneath your panties

  • I’ve been shaving for a year now can’t bring myself to go somewhere would be nice though

  • That night she came by my house,brought me a bag of her worn panties! After we talked after minutes,she left. I tore into that bag like a wild animal,SHE HAS A GREAT P**** JUICE SMELL

  • Unfortunately my neighbor moved to CALIFORNIA,,but she left me a bag of her p**** smelling panties, DAMN ,I MISS SMELLING HER P****

  • I want to wear womens dirty panties. Please send them to me. I will pay money!

  • Ok.

  • How much do you want for your dirty panties?

  • Shes not going to send them. Shes scared.

  • Send me your dirty panties please! I want to wear them after you wear them.

  • Yesterday I wore my wifes dirty nylon bikini panties. They felt so good. To day we are wearing matching pink silky bikini panties that are lace trimmed. We are out of town and going to the mall to panty shop. She let me wear a pair of her socks and pants. Damn I feel sexy.

  • I hope U were talking about stockings & panties that she let U wear to mall. If so I agree it does feel great makes me hot. 💕💋

  • My wife sleeps naked. I try sleeping in panties and nighty but she talks my panties off of me while in bed.

  • I do the same,sleeping next to your wife in bed wearing the panties she wore that day really turns me on.

  • Why don’t U ask her what she does like about U in satin panties Maybe she needs to wear some , she might have better outlook on what she looks and feels like keep wearing them !!!👌💕

  • My wifes panties are either cotton or stretch nylon--sometimes wet and warm after I have taken them out of the laundry, really great feeling.

  • I'm a 56 yo straight man and I've been wearing pañtys since the 80,s I also wear cami's at night my wife says I'm sexy in them I like buying Lacy cheeky ones I love it when she grabs my ass I also wear g strings and boy shorts but lady's are so comfortable I used to wear men's underwear but I always ended up with a heat rash since I started with pantys I haven't had one since and I don't see what some people's problem is just because a man wears pantys doesn't mean he is gay

  • I was at Victoria secret with my wife today. We both bought a Brazilian cut satin string bikini panties. They was on sale two for fourty bucks. Bought them months ago $25 a pair and they feel amazing.

  • I like cotton spandex the best, But I have dozens. My only problem is trying to decide which pair to wear..

  • There is nothing like the feel of a new pair of women's panties for the first time. I bought a 3-pack of Hanes nylon panties yesterday and broke in a pair of them last night. It was very enjoyable and I can't wait to try on the other two pairs!!

  • A girlfriend I had 15 years ago wore nylon hanes and she got me to wear a pair for a day because I forgot to bring my mens cotton bikinis. After that one day I was hooked. You will be hooked also.

  • I love sitting around in satin panties and bra with my wife and watching football.

  • This is a lovely story.
    My lovely understanding wife loves me wearing my satin Bra sets.
    I love lounging around in my Thong Bra sets.
    So relaxing.

  • Love wearing panties, started when I was14, still do at 73. Like to play with panties and see other men wearing panties!

  • I bet you dont get eriction any more I started wearing panties when I was 5 years old will be 73 wore women clothes all my life when you get use to wearing womens clothes the excitement and feeling is gone you are a man in womens clothes

  • Your right. When I first started cross dressing I kept an erection but after 20 or more years it's just the clothes I prefer to wear.

  • Ha that’s what is about look good in what U have on and others noticeing To look like what trying to be. So look at it that way. Good day 💋💕

  • I wear panties and enjoy coming in my panties.

  • Some times I put a Bra on to compliment my matching ..I very excited in lingerie..!!!

  • I'm 41. Been wearing panties since age 12. I'm married and love putting my hand in my wifes satin panties. I also love seeing a satin bulge on a man.

  • While I don't know your girlfriend I find it amazing how many women are so accepting of such things! Ease into the conversation with a "what if" or "what would you think if". I wear my panties all the time. She wouldn't have it any other way! And,yes, at first it was an awkward confession. Now we have fun with it!

  • I agree with you one 100%. And it is fun.

  • I love the feel of my silky panties. The satin feels really good on by butt as I walk.

  • I was at my local mall and saw a fine teenager girl with tight running shorts bikini panties lines tanned legs. She was so hot. I wanted her panties to wear. I married but got home earlier took my silky panties off and masturbated while thinking of wearing her panties.

  • Oh well did it feel good why did’t U put it in Ur silk panties and wear for rest of the day. I bet that would have felt good. try it next time 💕

  • I've been married for 12 years. A year after being married I told my wife I prefer to wear silky panties. She threw out all my mens underwear and replaced them with panties. I love panties but what would happen if I want to leave her or if I cheat and get caught. Will she tell everyone I wear panties.

  • Good on you.

  • Eith

  • Either wear them or don’t ,if U like wearing panties then don’t worry about anything. I don’t see what the problem is. Enjoy💕

  • Me and my wife likes the Brazilian cut panties from Victoria secret. They are satin with glitter writing on the sides. The bad part is they are $25 a pair but feel so damn good.

  • You only live once ... go for it. Don't worry about the price,,,!!! ??

  • Any body else bought panties with labor day sales? If so please tell what u bought and how sexy they make you feel.

  • I prefer Good Devil, Fresh Pair, Clever for men, Love Honey and New Chic brand..

  • I did at Macy’s and J C Penny’s. The look great , feel great and tight(size5&6) $80 worth

  • Today I bought a silky string bikini panties from Macy's at 40% off for labor day. They are light blue with dark blue flowers.

  • Sometimes my silky panties make me hard.

  • Mine ALWAYS make HARD,,,lol

  • Yesterday I was at hanes outlet store and bought a silky string bikini panties made by maiden form. I put them on this morning and they fit and feel amazing. Was going to get black but chose a pink pair. My wife got a couple of thongs. They was 3 for $25.

  • I like a tight fitting thong because the string part of the panty rubs against my a*** and excites me..........A+

  • U are very correct. I love o

  • My order of 8 pairs of pure silk string bikini knickers arrived yesterday. so very nice , wore the light blue one already, did a lucky dip into the drawer and its a very pale pink one today.

  • Pink is my favorite color , too..!!

  • Was they expensive? I have on pink ones on from ebay. They cost $20 for one pair.

  • Log in with your computer to Chinese men's panties There are all sorts and styles..Most around $6..

  • £23.00 for a pack of 8 in mixed colours

  • U’ve gotten cotton panties U need a pair of satin ones at sale time 3 for $30. ( usually higher than $10 ). Check sales and buy 💋

  • That was a good deal!

  • My wife made me put her dirty thong on after she got a shower I and I felt sexy all day. Now she home from work and got a dirty pair of panties out of the hamper and made me lick the gusset. She said later I owe her a rimm job.

  • Go for it sound like she once it so give to her with lots of c and maybe she put her thong back on U can lick it too. Have fun

  • I believe I will💋💕

  • The first pair of panties I tried on was my sisters satin string bikini panties back in 1992 and I've been hooked every since. I now have to buy them on line because Kmart stopped selling joe boxer satin string bikini panties.

  • U know JC Penney has dam good selection of women’s panties and sizes just purchased $80 worth really like them. U should try 💋

  • Yes, I,"ve had good luck at J.C. Penney's also..

  • I have also bought a bunch from jcpenney. They have some sexy panties.

  • That’s not reason U love women’s panties don’t U

  • Satin string bikini panties are very nice, hard to find in the uk nowadays.
    i have to go online gor them now.

  • Lov

  • Love string panties tight so they fit ur butt better these are not string that tie hard to make tight fit. Still love wearing women’s panties

  • U are about tie bikini U never can get tight enough. 💕💋

  • Every man should drop his macho side long enough to slide on some cute panties. Once you feel the way they fit you will be hooked. The first girlfriend I told I preferred panties she left me. The next girl said no one know what undies I'm wearing and just sexually please her and take my butt to work so I married her and been married 20 years now and I still wear sexy panties.

  • I agree men can wear what they want h*** with people who don’t like because they don’t want to wear them hope U agree

  • I agree whole heartily. Stay

  • I dont care what others think, I love wearing my sexy sissy knickers including Thongs, Gstrings, Bra sets and Bikinis and hanging them out on the washing line and I don't care who can see them.
    Life is too short so enjoy wearing what you enjoy and love wearing why you can because I most certainly do.

  • Yes and yes💋💕

  • One time I bought panties made for men. I didn't like them. I prefer the fit of womens panties. The tight or snug fit feels so sexy.

  • I love wearing my tight panties(women) they feel good and smooth on my skin. ❤️❤️

  • Good for U keep with panties

  • All I wear is cute satin panties

  • Would love to see that

  • I love to wear panties too. am wearing pink satin and lace panties with pink bows on the waistband today

  • Great love them too

  • I am 53 years old . i wear knickers most of the time nowadays, just so nice to wear compared to briefs made for men. i never liked any of the styles of boxers. the first skimpy briefs i tried were tanga sport briefs from bhs back in 1988. so much freedom and support then they started selling
    thongs for men in 1993, so moved on to them for a few years until online shopping came about. tried all sorts of thongs and tangas made for men, they all seem to be made from inferior material except the very expensive ones. i hate having to pay ovrr£20.00 for a pair of pants, but in ordrr to achieve the comfort, this is what i have had to do . until i descovered the
    bliss that is a soft pair of womens knickers. my wife asked me to order her some calvin kline sleek string bikini knickers (cheaper online) , so i did this for her. when they arrived, she pionted out that they didnt look much different in shape and size to my skimpy mens tangas. as i only buy very plain styles. she in fact persuaded me to put a pair on as a laugh. they fitted me perfectly and my god! i honestly did not want to take them off.
    That was three years ago. i bought a good supply of the same knickers for us both, white for her, black for me. size10 fits us both. i thought she would object etc, but no. i only buy and wear knickers now (no bows , frills or lace, but silk, satin, nylon and cotton etc. the feeling of the materials used in womens knicks is far superior to that of mens, plus, i like the way they gently "support" you. i have kept a couple of pairs of my old boxer briefs for visits to doctor, hospital etc. and they come off as soon as possible when i get home. just to clarify . i am 100 percent straight. i have so sexual interest in men, i love women etc etc. i can understand that people generally find men wearing womens knickers to be odd behaviour,
    i guess it is odd. but there it is. i am a man wo wears womens knickers.
    (uk.) hence knickers not panties.

  • I finally gave up and started wearing my black microfiber panties to the doctor. Every time I wore men's underwear I was uncomfortable all day. My wife hates me wearing panties but they're too comfortable not to wear so she had to get over it.

  • Am 55 yrs old guy and i love wearing sexy panties they feel so good and i go to work with them on and of course no body knows i have them on . I only wear panties now .

  • Good for stick with it. Love them and wear every dsy

  • That’s great I love satin panties(women’s) too be looks and feels great on right

  • I love have panties on only thing i put on now they feel so great I was surprised how many women I'm with was so impressed with them on me that they sometimes buy me a pair just because they thought they be hot on me an the guys too like them on me I like showing them off I am crossdresser I enjoy the feeling I get with others

  • That’s great I bet U feel good with on I know I do

  • I am wearing black nylon panties with red flowers and a panty liner. Felt sexy all day walking around in panties.

  • I wear panties every day. If I could I would wear a bra and matching panties with a skirt but I'm lucky my wife let's me wear panties.

  • Same same

  • I have plenty of knickers and Thong Bra sets and Bikinis.
    They are all designed to fit me and men like me, men who lovely to wear this style of underwear and swimwear.
    Life is too short so enjoy wearing whst you love wearing, why you can because I most certainly do.

  • Yes U are because of us aren’t

  • U can say that again but I still love haveing them on💋

  • You are so lucky,👙👗👠💄👜💋

  • I am wearing black bra, see thru tshirt purple panties with black lace,I want our postman to see me like this

  • I love men in panties

  • Good on you.
    You sound just like lovely understanding wife.
    She loves me wearing my sexy sissy underwear,including Thongs, Gstrings, Bra sets and Bikinis.
    She Tell me that it brings the soft side of my personality out of me.
    To all men to wear feminine lingerie.
    Life is too short so enjoy why you can because I most certainly do.

  • I like lookin on the net some guys on their have pretty pantys

  • I do, trust me.

  • Could you actually handle seeing or rubbing your hands on my satin covered bulge

  • Yes and love Doug it 💋💕

  • It would certainly be tempting...!!!

  • I wear sexy pantys Lacy ,cheeky string bikini boy shorts and cami,s don't wear things though my wife says I'm sexy in them

  • Ru m or f?

  • Male.does that surprise you ??

  • Love it too 💋

  • I went to the beach last week, and was pretty h****. That night I put on my matching panties and bra ,thigh high lace hose ,my shortest leather skirt,so when I bent over my crotch showed.I went 4 a walk on the beach ,After a few minutes I made small talk with another crossdresser.,we ended up under the pier,we had s** MULTIPLE times.. the next day my ass hole and mouth was throbbing, GOING BACK TONIGHT

  • Understanding where Ur coming from I love my outfits and meetings with other CD/TV love good time any where it sound like U had great time

  • I would like that too

  • I was at the beach last month with swimming shorts and a satin gstring under it. Wish I could wear two piece on beach.

  • Yeah your lucky is right that she lets you wear panties

  • I wear women's panties every day

  • So do and I love them tight and satin

  • Just started wearing satin panties that I bought out of store instead getting my wife’s love them💕

  • Yeah me to I also wear panties everyday I wear my mums smelly ones after she showers and get an o***** and c** little and then p*** on the panties so that it’s wet and then put it back I wish I got have s** with her I would have made that small cookie wet and I also like a girl name Shahista Essack she f****** hot and her sister in law Shabnum she had 5 baby’s already her cookie must be so wet

  • I am 54 straight Male is there a women out there could under stand my desire to wear Panties I get so h**** when I wear them the different types I would like a womens help as my wife does not understand she thinks I am turning gay this is not true.

  • No Ur not 💋💕

  • Lots of people MEN, wear panties and they are NOT gay..!!

  • That’s Right if U love them then wear them h*** with what people think 💋💕

  • I understand I have problem too but I love my satin panties

  • I like to wear womens underwear too I've never understood why some women feel your choice of undies somehow defines you sexuality. Just because I and many other men like to wear womens underwear it doesn't make you 'gay' in any way.

  • U right stick with it panties yes

  • I totally agree with you

  • My wife takes her panties off before showering and makes me wear them the next day. I love wearing her dirty panties. When she is on period I have to wear a maxi pad. O feel sexy every day.

  • That’s ok least she lets U lucky

  • Sounds like U like her panties U should ask her go off in them and w

  • I really like wearing knickers too. Simply for erotic reasons.

    It's a huge turn on and it's very very naughty!

    I go to work with undies on that are every bit as sexy as any of the girls I work with are wearing and only I know it. Every bloke should try knickers, they'd probably never go back to wearing boring mens boxers ever again.

  • You are 100% spot on.
    I don't own or wear any other form of underwear apart from panties including Thongs, Gstrings, Bra sets and Bikinis.
    Life is too shoemrt so enjoy wearing whst you love wearing why you can because I most.

  • My daily routine once the wife leaves for work:
    Take her dirty panties, smell them, wear them. Read erotic stories and watch cuck p*** while leaking precum through the panties. J*******. C** in the gusset. Eat the c**. Put the panties back on with a giant wet spot in them. Wear them all day, feeling the cummy gusset every time I can. Take them off before the wife gets home.

  • Let her see with U them on and tell her U like smell

  • Let her see U with them too on and tell her U love the smell

  • Does Ur wife know U like to wear her panties dirty or not U should tell herU wear them and would she please let U wear a pair after she has hot wet cummy day💋❤️

  • Yeah that’s hot and sniff them and smell that v***** and a*** smell in them

  • Wow

  • I’m wearing panties with a cummy gusset right now. I’d like to do a walk of shame in nothing but wet cummy panties.

  • Least U’re keeping her next to U

  • Do you want someone to use your wife and have you clean it up? Want her to come home with dirty panties full of man seed so you can eat it and clean her while she tells you about it? Do you want a man to do her good, then bend you over and finish inside of you?
    You wish you were a girl don’t you? Or at least had a man who wanted to use you, put his seed in you and have it leak into your panties all day?

    Or is that just me who wants all those things? So dirty. If only she knew.

  • Sounds like U need and want this person hope U find him so U can live Ur thoughts. 💋💕

  • Tell her it’s ok but U want to help her while she’s having it done so can enjoy Yourself then can eat her panties clean

  • Do any males like wearing directoire knickers,I love them!

  • I like to wear womens knickers too, my mum used to make me wear my sisters navy-blue school knickers if she had no clean pants for me ,and I enjoyed it, so did my sister!

  • Many women have admitted to wearing male underwear at times and no one questions there sexuality when they do it. So why do men who like to wear knickers get assumed they are gay? I don't understand why some people think underwear choice defines your sexuality.

    I love to wear girls knickers but am 100% straight. It's ridiculous to think a man must be gay if he prefers underwear more usually associated with females.

  • Ur so right ,I love them and I am not gay , so others who think that U are .can just get over it that’s how it is 👌

  • I'm in my early 40s and love wearing knickers. When I was 15 I had the sudden urge to try some on and couldn't believe how sexy they felt and how turned on I felt in them. I just had to get some of my own but wouldn't have dared to buy them in shops for the embarrassment and this was in the days way before on-line shopping, so I ended up nicking some knickers from a supermarket! I loved wearing them and enjoyed my wanking sessions in them even more. I've worn them on and off ever since and have a huge selection of various styles to wear at my disposal. They are so feminine, soft, silky and hugely sexy. Why should the girls get all the fun and enjoyment at wearing them?? If a woman wore male boxer shorts no-one would bat an eyelid, so why shouldn't us lads get to wear sexy girlie knickers if we so choose? It's hardly crime of the century is it. I love my knickers!

  • I agree and am wearing black nylon panties with lace trim now. I feel so sexy and pretty.

  • YES it DOES sometime I get hot with feel against my ass

  • I agree

  • Sounds great I wish I had my on right but I have thong on feels good

  • I wear vantiy fair hi cut panties feel free and comfortable my wife buys us same color and I have swim in a public pool and her girlfriends love me wearing them

  • I like when my wife lays out her panties for me to wear but before I put them on she sticks a butt plug in me. She says it makes me shake my ass better when I walk and I know she’s preping me for her strap on tonight. I can hardly wait I’m so excited for it.

  • I wish my wife had the same ideas

  • I wish I was U sounds great I know she knows how to USE it

  • That’s a lucky man for sure

  • You a lucky man

  • You are lucky

  • Love wearing panties bras dresses becoming a girl turns me on

  • I’m CD and love it ❤️

  • Me too! Be a sissy everyday, you can do it.

  • Yes when i.wear and see wear makes me very hard and want gay s** very much...its an awesome.feeling

  • I’ve thought about trying to hook with a gay and see where it goes would like to think it would happen and we go down on each other I think and know I would love it I’ve gotten wet thinking about it I’m CD and wish🙏💋❤️

  • I get my gf to pull down my silk panties and put me over her knee and spank me hard while telling me I am a big Sissy boy. Then she drags me into the bathroom and stands over me and does a big hot golden shower and makes me drink her golden liquid. Other days she is my slave and I click my fingers and she has to take my member and load whenever I want. She also enjoys being spanked and taking my golden shower. We also have days when we tell each other our fantasies about whomever we want. We get totally graphic about our fantasy focus. It always ends with the best s**.

  • I wear bras and panties when out. Am a 57 year old male and enjoy how sexy it feels. I wear nighties to bed. It feels so good when the silk slides over my body. I get my clothes from seconds shops so know a woman would have worn the clothes. I used to feel like a pervert. Know I just feel like me. Never had a gay time but I also fantasize about giving and taking a guys massive load down my throat.

  • Do you want me, HONEY

  • I would love to have you.

  • I’ve thought about it too enjoy annal feels good 💋

  • I bet you look good in panties I'm 60 and wear girls panties all the time. I also think about other guys loads look me up

  • Yes same feeling want gay s** when wearing

  • 🙏💋Could stand to be loaded myself feels good U know.

  • You sound like my kind of guy! I wear panties all the time! Wouldn't it be fun to get together for some play time? We could get a room, strip down to our lingerie and enjoy each other! Obviously this would lead to us sucking each other c**** and hopefully f****** too ( I love to bottom so go ahead and f*** my ass hard!!). And I'll swallow every drop of your hot c** if you want! I'll even drink your p*** if you're into golden showers! I sure am!! Now doesn't this sound like a fun time!?!?

  • Do you eat s*** also

  • I’m CD/TV I eyoy and wear panties panty hose day (feel and control). Love to have annal and oral (suck d**** big the better). We need to get togeather love the idea🙏❤️

  • Yes it does

  • I am a BIG SISSY PANTYWAIST! I am a Gay F**! I would love to feel, rub, touch and uh, other things too! I am "into" all of what you wrote about. I wear pink girl's panties...….always have...…...always will. I think we could have some fun together. Wish we could get a hotel room for a long weekend and just explore each other. Here's hoping!!!! Signed, Pantywaist Gay F**

  • Let’s do it CD/TV I am let’s do it real d*** or handy d**** 12” and get after deep T love all what about U(sissy). Be sure we dress for fun. Tight panties or thongs (women). Let’s go wet already how about.

  • Let’s do it sounds like HOT time for. Mak

  • I would love to strip down into just wearing pink girl's panties and have some fun, fun, fun! I would love to touch, feel, rub, and uh, other things.....Lots of other things. I wish we could get together in a hotel room for a 3 day weekend and never leave the room. LOL I am one gay f** sissy always have been and always will be! Here's hoping

  • Let’s do it read above if U like we are on 💋❤️

  • I'm wearing white knickers and I just love them so much. better than men's underpants.the feel of my knickers are so sexy.the way the leg clings to me is fabulous. I have about 45 pairs of knickers mostly white.i have 4 bras which I wear now and again. I also have 2 underskirts,one long and 1 short.i feel great when wearing them.

  • I love to wear knickers and a bra and make up l look so sexy and l would like to go with a man and have s** with him why’ l got knickers on.

  • I also wear panties all the time they feel better than men underwear at the moment I am wearing a pink boy short panties but I also like wearing thongs and bikini panties I new at a young age that I was different than most boys in my teenage years which I started wearing panties in my early twenties I feel normal wearing panties all the time each person has the right to do what he likes wearing

  • Your right they FEEL great 💋

  • I like to wear panties hose high heels corsets makeup & wigs. I’m CD and loved to be touched💋

  • I just love wearing my knickers not hers mine. So what am I A pervert? No I just love wearing women’s knickers I have about 200 pairs to chose from . Am I a pervert no just an addict.

  • I recently discovered the girl who has been hiding inside me all this time. It all started when I ordered a thong online and I loved how it made me feel when wearing it. Very girliy and sexy! Then my wife got me to come with her for a peddicure. Wow, it was amazing. I started painting my toe nails all the time after that. We then went for a mani-pedi I felt so girly I got my nails painted a dark blue. I then began shaving areas of my body under my arms and then my chest and then legs etc. I couldnt believe how great my legs felt fully shaved in pants or under clean sheets. I now keep my body fully shaved all the time. The next thing I found after reading an article online was womans jeans. Oh god they are so comforable. They fit wonderfully. I wish I had of done this years ago. Next I started trying something new on a regular basis to become more of a girl. Thongs went to silk panties. Mmmmm so soft. Then I started wearing nylons and knee highs instead of socks. So now I just keep trying new things all the time. Toe rings, ankle bracelettes, lip gloss growing my hair. I am becoming more feminized all the time and I can wear all these items outside in full public view on a regular basis. I realy enjoy seeing peoples reactions to me with my fully painted toe and finger nails with shaved legs, toe rings and ankle bracelets. My wife seems to be enjoying her husband who has also become her new best girlfriend. Our s** life has gotten more intimate and exciting since this started. I like letting her see the girl in me. I don't wear bras or dresses. But am very much a woman inside. I have never felt so comfortable with my sexuality before this. I don't know if I am a crossdresser or bigender, or transgender or gender fluid. Let me know your thoughts on this gender issue? I do know I am happy about letting people see this new feminine sexy girly me coming out.

  • Don't worry what others think.Do your own thing...!!!

  • I think these comments are all about men who like women to be in control. Women who make them or let them become the woman. Thoughts??

  • I don't mind a female being in control. i can go either way !!

  • Yes love to have Mistress to control me🙏

  • In my case I agree. I love my wife to lay out what she wants me to wear then order me to put on the pretty panties, bras, heels etc and model for her and if I’m lucky she’ll get her d**** out and take me like a woman

  • Your lucky great wife wish I had that🙏

  • My wife had me a sexy black lacy bikini with matching bra yesterday she said my ass needed more shake when I walk so she put the butt plug in me. I got to wear it all day and last nite she tore my ass up. Damn, it felt so good.

  • Bet that felt good I like them too

  • Sometimes she pulls my panties down and spanks me and it feels so good when she pulls my panties back up across my tender red ass

  • Yes being control by Mistress is just that pain and pleasure that’s what U had done. I. Love control by a woman😢💕

  • I told my wife and she’s into it. She lays out what pretty panties she wants me to wear everyday, like the pretty purple nylon lacy panties I’m wearing now

  • Sounds great U have good wife does she like corsets U should try it out (hose&heeld too)👌

  • Sounds g

  • Wish my wife would do this

  • I started wearing my sisters panties when I was 8 or 9. I still cross dress from time to time and I am 62 now. Never told my wife of 15 years but sometimes think she suspects I do this. I have all my own female clothes and never have worn hers. BP

  • I know how U feel I’m in same boat would like to tell her I’m CD BUT

  • Hi I wear my Mum’s smelly panties because of her p**** smelly and I’m fine with it because I wear it for like 1 hour after she finished shower in the morning I wear it go on my sisters scooter and drive in circles and I get a c****** so I make the panties wet but my dad is still alive but when his gone then I will have all that smelly p**** to my self and she has a s******* problem so sometimes she makes in her panties so I can c** on it as well I’m 16 only but yeah

  • I've been into panties since I was in my teens. I used to steal my friend's sisters panties. I love to smell them and beat off with them. I even swiped a couple of my cousin's panties. After I got married I'd put my wife's panties on occasionally. I love smelling the crotch of her panties, especially after she works out. I started wearing them from time to time, and recently bought a couple packages of them. They feel amazing compared to men's underwear. I'm hooked.

  • U are right women panties or the better of the two💋

  • They feel much better than men’s for sure I agree with you, and yes sniff those dirty panties it make you get hot and h****

  • Yes I also smell my mum panties because I know it going to smell after she had s** and c** all over and stuff but I love it I like this one guys wife she f****** hot YOH

  • I under stand what you are talking about I am a gay person who loves to wear panties all the time I started in my early twenties wearing panties I am like you that they feel amazing compared to men underwear my partner likes me to wear panties all the time when we go out together he knows I am wearing panties

  • Would like a partner like yours. So want to have a gay time for the first time . I wear girly undies but fantasize about taking a massive c*** and hot creamy load down my throat.

  • I’m with U on those ideas would like to take a big one in my mouth and enjoy what comes out (hot & lots of it) I’m wet & hot NOW🙏💋💕

  • Good on you

  • I also wear panties and I know the enjoyment u get from wearing the silky garment

  • When i started wearing women's lingerie i was 13,i hid it from my wife when we got married,we like to use coke,one night we use it and we got naked and out of the blue she said yes go on go pick out what ever you want to wear,i said what you talking about she said she set up a recorder as she had a feeling that I wear female clothing and lingerie and had me on video,then said put the purple bra/pantie set on with short red mini skirt and stockings,i have now been crossdressing for nearly 16 years

  • Glade she likes for U to dress in women cloths great we should all have Ur wife’s feels I CD love it. All

  • What does it mater l love wearing women’s knickers I have worn them for years is that so shocking. Why can’t I prefers. My choice of underwear.

  • Thats right why do we have to explain what lingerie we prefer to wear or or no i dont like mens underwear and yes i prefer to sleep in a nitie

  • I'm a 50 year old male and I have a panty fetish I love to suck the crotch of used panties especially my step daughters I don't know what it is about it but her panties always smell good and I always love the taste of them when I suck on the crotch so every chance I get I still a pair of them and wearing them I know she knows it's me cuz I got about 30 pair of me

  • You can’t live a lie you have to take the bull by the horn. And tell her it might work faverately it might not. If this girl claimes to

    love you she should accept your situation.

  • There is nothing wrong with having fetish.
    There are more men out there who wear feminine underwear than we know of, such as knickers Thongs, Gstrings and Bra sets and I am one of them.
    Life is too short so enjoy your fetish why you can.
    Your not causing anyone any harm.

  • Ok to be clear, a man wearing panties,bras and other women's clothing items is not a fetish. It's a choice! If your choice makes you happy,then nothing else matters.It seem like we live in a society where a person is judged or looked down upon for being different.Its not a crime for men to wear women's panties and bras,for Christ sake they are JUST clothes and are not harming anyone.I am a 51 year man and I wear bras and panties and I am happy. I've been wearing panties since I was 14 and bras when I turned 42.

  • Really a delema. My wife dislikes me wearing knickers I still wear them 24/7 though, I have over 150 pair of them but she is still with me

  • I am wearing a white camisole with pink panties to bed tonight . I feel so sexy and look good

  • I'm wearing a will blue cami and a multi colored pinkish Lacy pair of pantys love how it makes me feel and my wife don't mind

  • I've worn my hot sister's thongs for years. She loves it, thinks it's hot, and a great "us thing". Sometimes, we'll trade off. She'll take off her thong and give it to me, and I'll remove my boxers and she'll wear them. Did it at a friend's kid's recital a few months ago, and nobody knew but us. Sat next to her and she told me "I'm wearing my black thong undies..So will you in a minute", basically ordering me to meet her at the bathrooms and switch. Damn, it was hot!

  • Sounds great love to see that or be around to smell the sweat💋

  • F****** Why???

  • I enjoy wearing panties also.

  • I love 2 smell.crotch of my neighbor panties,she caught me 1 day,I was so embarrassed, but she told me I could smell real thing,but I would have 2fuck her afterwards, we have 7mth baby

  • I l,ove my sisterinlaws panties and today I m hooked

  • Actually it's very common. It's not a big deal. They're just panties. Wear them. I kind of feel if you can't even tell her such a little thing as that maybe you shouldn't be with her, but that's just my opinion.

  • I agree, I wear them every day and they feel great.

  • Love men in panties

  • I dig chicks that love men in pantys

  • It shouldn’t be a big deal , wish I could tell my girlfriend I like to wear them

  • Just tell her when she unzippies Ur pants kiss her when she’s doing it then hold her hand on the panties I love U love me. That should work

  • 💋I agree make sure that panties are tight to get best and hotties feel sound hot I’m wet thinking about it

  • I like to wear them to work. They feel good and it's neat to wear them around guys.


  • Sounds like U don’t so don’t try since U feel that way. WELL do 💋

  • I like to wear plastic pants. Ever since i was a kid. I would find or when a teen but plastic pants and wear them as undies. Never felt guilt but knew it was odd so kept it a secret. In hindsight i think my mom knew.

    Regret ever telling my wife. She thinks it is sick and I need to be fixed.

    So the problem is deciding if the person you wish to tell is cool laid back open minded or up tight, narrow minded, judgemental.

    And that is a tough call

  • You have a fetish. Ok. That's not so uncommon. That's not bad or wrong in any way. No one is geting hurt. Why not give it a shot? She might apreciate your openness, or even want to engage. It's up to you to tell her or keep it to yourself

  • I AREE .💋

  • I started wearing panties when I was 14years old and today I still wear them and sometime I want to try to get to steal them and j*** in them

  • Yeah I’m started when I was 15 and now I’m 16 and still wear panties but not my own my mum’s after she has a shower I wash her P**** nicely in the shower and then take the my sister scooter and get my o***** and I c****** as well and make the panties wet as h*** but I can’t have s** with her as yet otherwise if I had s** with her she would have been pregnant with 3 babies already

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