Men wearing womens panties..

I'M 46 and love to wear knickers I wish I could tell my girlfriend butt think she would leave me if I told her. So I have to keep it a secret which makes me feel unhappy and I know it wrong not telling her . What should w do

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  • My wife had me a sexy black lacy bikini with matching bra yesterday she said my ass needed more shake when I walk so she put the butt plug in me. I got to wear it all day and last nite she tore my ass up. Damn, it felt so good.

  • Sometimes she pulls my panties down and spanks me and it feels so good when she pulls my panties back up across my tender red ass

  • I told my wife and she’s into it. She lays out what pretty panties she wants me to wear everyday, like the pretty purple nylon lacy panties I’m wearing now

  • Wish my wife would do this

  • I started wearing my sisters panties when I was 8 or 9. I still cross dress from time to time and I am 62 now. Never told my wife of 15 years but sometimes think she suspects I do this. I have all my own female clothes and never have worn hers. BP

  • I've been into panties since I was in my teens. I used to steal my friend's sisters panties. I love to smell them and beat off with them. I even swiped a couple of my cousin's panties. After I got married I'd put my wife's panties on occasionally. I love smelling the crotch of her panties, especially after she works out. I started wearing them from time to time, and recently bought a couple packages of them. They feel amazing compared to men's underwear. I'm hooked.

  • Good on you

  • I also wear panties and I know the enjoyment u get from wearing the silky garment

  • When i started wearing women's lingerie i was 13,i hid it from my wife when we got married,we like to use coke,one night we use it and we got naked and out of the blue she said yes go on go pick out what ever you want to wear,i said what you talking about she said she set up a recorder as she had a feeling that I wear female clothing and lingerie and had me on video,then said put the purple bra/pantie set on with short red mini skirt and stockings,i have now been crossdressing for nearly 16 years

  • What does it mater l love wearing women’s knickers I have worn them for years is that so shocking. Why can’t I prefers. My choice of underwear.

  • Thats right why do we have to explain what lingerie we prefer to wear or or no i dont like mens underwear and yes i prefer to sleep in a nitie

  • I'm a 50 year old male and I have a panty fetish I love to suck the crotch of used panties especially my step daughters I don't know what it is about it but her panties always smell good and I always love the taste of them when I suck on the crotch so every chance I get I still a pair of them and wearing them I know she knows it's me cuz I got about 30 pair of me

  • You can’t live a lie you have to take the bull by the horn. And tell her it might work faverately it might not. If this girl claimes to

    love you she should accept your situation.

  • There is nothing wrong with having fetish.
    There are more men out there who wear feminine underwear than we know of, such as knickers Thongs, Gstrings and Bra sets and I am one of them.
    Life is too short so enjoy your fetish why you can.
    Your not causing anyone any harm.

  • Ok to be clear, a man wearing panties,bras and other women's clothing items is not a fetish. It's a choice! If your choice makes you happy,then nothing else matters.It seem like we live in a society where a person is judged or looked down upon for being different.Its not a crime for men to wear women's panties and bras,for Christ sake they are JUST clothes and are not harming anyone.I am a 51 year man and I wear bras and panties and I am happy. I've been wearing panties since I was 14 and bras when I turned 42.

  • Really a delema. My wife dislikes me wearing knickers I still wear them 24/7 though, I have over 150 pair of them but she is still with me

  • I am wearing a white camisole with pink panties to bed tonight . I feel so sexy and look good

  • I've worn my hot sister's thongs for years. She loves it, thinks it's hot, and a great "us thing". Sometimes, we'll trade off. She'll take off her thong and give it to me, and I'll remove my boxers and she'll wear them. Did it at a friend's kid's recital a few months ago, and nobody knew but us. Sat next to her and she told me "I'm wearing my black thong undies..So will you in a minute", basically ordering me to meet her at the bathrooms and switch. Damn, it was hot!

  • F****** Why???

  • I enjoy wearing panties also.

  • I love 2 smell.crotch of my neighbor panties,she caught me 1 day,I was so embarrassed, but she told me I could smell real thing,but I would have 2fuck her afterwards, we have 7mth baby

  • I l,ove my sisterinlaws panties and today I m hooked

  • Actually it's very common. It's not a big deal. They're just panties. Wear them. I kind of feel if you can't even tell her such a little thing as that maybe you shouldn't be with her, but that's just my opinion.


  • I like to wear plastic pants. Ever since i was a kid. I would find or when a teen but plastic pants and wear them as undies. Never felt guilt but knew it was odd so kept it a secret. In hindsight i think my mom knew.

    Regret ever telling my wife. She thinks it is sick and I need to be fixed.

    So the problem is deciding if the person you wish to tell is cool laid back open minded or up tight, narrow minded, judgemental.

    And that is a tough call

  • You have a fetish. Ok. That's not so uncommon. That's not bad or wrong in any way. No one is geting hurt. Why not give it a shot? She might apreciate your openness, or even want to engage. It's up to you to tell her or keep it to yourself

  • I started wearing panties when I was 14years old and today I still wear them and sometime I want to try to get to steal them and j*** in them

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