Black c*** addictex

I'm 32 my husband is 45 a few yes ago my husband got me some big black c*** 4 my 30th birthday present that first time having a real man deep in my lil white p**** was amazing I love how they treat me like a lil worthless white s*** now I don't f*** lil d*** white boys my white p**** was built 4 big black superior d*** I Kant say no 2 big black d*** the only way I squirt or c** is by being f***** by big black d*** last year I had my first g********* by 4 big black d**** that smallest was 10in that biggest was 14.5 I think that's when I got pregnant and I stay in touch wit them I love love big black d*** I turn into a complete white w****

Jul 6, 2016


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  • I know what you mean girl, Not only do they love f****** white women but really love f****** us white bottom b**** boi's and I do love the way they f*** us

  • I wish to God in heaven that you were MY wife. You are an incredible woman.

  • I love big black do k I'm suc uh a lil white w**** 4 big black d***

  • I have pic and bids of me being f***** by all 4 of those big black d****

  • God. Can you please send me the pics? I swear I will put them in good use. :)

    My email is Thanks.

  • I want to see those pictures

  • I never had 4 men at one time with the smallest being 10 inches. I think you are putting us on. I have been dating black men since I was 15 and an I have never had one that was 14.5 inches Some are the same size as my hubby and others are well hung but 14.5 come on. Oh by the way if you are a black male and are 14.5 inches and like mature white women let me know. I am 41 years old and love bbc.

  • My wife started at 15 too, she was a s*** for all the black guys in school, would do anything for them.

  • He is 57 yes old with a 14.5 inch big black d***

  • Im really craving big black d*** in my mouth

  • Your a black meat w**** and your husband is a stupid cuny

  • I love big black d*** deep in my white p****

  • And your husband is a sissy w*****

  • You can tell she is a wigger good lil white boys don't have to f*** her nasty ass anymore

  • U must have a lil white d***

  • I need 2 feel a real man d*** only big black d***

  • I'm a white s*** 4 big black d***

  • Good fir you girl, I love big black c*** but my husband is white and huge, never found a black one bigger but I will keep looking

  • My next g******* I want a minimum of 8 big blacks treating me like that dirty filthy white c** w****

  • I love how rough they r wit me they just take any hole they want I'm f***** wet just thinking about big black d*** deep in all my holes

  • My white husband has a big d*** but not like a big black d***

  • Yep them 10 to 14 inches will get you every time,geeeeee are they all that big???? LOL, I have had lots and none were that big.

  • Omg I crave big black d*** they f***** me at my work

  • They come buy and f*** me how they want

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