I f**cking hate school

We were having art class and the whole class didn't complete our drawings and all that. The f****** teacher scolded us and said that we were all rotten students and we would fail our end of year art exam... sighs she's just like every other teacher who teaches us. Just because we're in the shittier stream in school, they look down on us and s*** like that. Now, it's thursday here and i'm busy completing all my drawings and i still got math homework to do. I don't even know how i could even find time to type this confession out. damn... It's going to be a long night.

Jul 7, 2016

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  • Even shi.t art is still art.

  • Your teacher's doing her job. You are not. Who do I feel bad for? The teacher. Not hard to figure out. Go shut up and do your homework. Enjoy it now because the world is waiting to eat you up.

  • Every other teacher?
    No time?
    Yet you are b******* away on here?

  • You are a lazy judgemental person. Take responsibility for yourself.

  • Sometimes I think people choose education because they are too stupid to do anything else for a living.

  • Some individuals, not "all people" as a collective. You can't assume that, when you don't know everyone!I Seems like, you need educating!

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