My hot friends panties

I recently visited my friend in Sydney. She's a pinup model and a very sexy woman. She's always wearing beautiful clothes and has amazing hair and smells so damn good. She had to work while I was there so I stayed at her house during the day. I grabbed her dirty panties from the previous day and lay naked in her bed sucking the p**** stain off her panties. I stayed for over a week and everyday I would enjoy the taste and smell of her p****. I bought a spy camera while I was there and set it up in her bathroom. I recorded her multiple times showering and even watched her m*********. She's a h**** little lady she fingered her ass it was awesome! I've still got the video I watch it often and sometimes watch it muted while I play with her panties I stole talking to her on the phone while I j*** off. Good times

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