I told her I had tried to kill myself and she started crying.

I didn't feel any better by telling.

I just wanted to hurt myself for making her feel bad.

My life is worthless.

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  • ^No f*** you! Do you know what;s it like to have someone kill themselves because of something you've done? Have you ever broken up with someone and then find out they committed suicide because of it? No? Well then F*** YOU! You have no idea how it feels to have that weight on your shoulder. So, not only is the suicide an end to one life, it is usually the end to many lives. Would you like to go through life believing you are the reason for someone's death? No, I didn't think so. Suicide is the easy way out instead of facing life. That's bullshit! I can understand feeling like you want to die, but it is in fact very selfish to put that guilt and pain onto others. So, f*** you, my dear, you know nothing

  • ^^ hey comment above mine, f*** offffff! & f*** you!
    Dear poster:
    i felt the same way. believe me, it doesnt get better, but life does go on, ( no matter how much you dont want it to)
    you gotta find something worth living for.
    & believe me , your life isnt worthless, far from it.
    because, just by being, you serve a purpose, people care about you, love you, & need/want you in their lives.

    If she didnt care she wouldnt have cried.
    and if you felt bad for telling her about it,
    think about how she will feel when you actually do it.

    maybe you guys wont be apart for too long, if you do.

  • What a selfish piece of crap you are! Suicide is the most selfish act on the planet, why would you put that guilt onto someone else? Obviously you care about the person, otherwise, they wouldn't be worth hurting yourself over. Wanna know how to deal with life? Grow a pair, stupid ass!

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