I let my friends f*** my b**** wife

My wife Mary is a real stuck up b**** and bad mouths all friends constantly and insists that they are all brainless creeps.

She is still at 35 really hot, but is a total alcoholic that passes out at least twice a week at home fortunately we do not have any children.

A few weeks back at a barbecue evening at home with two of my mates she behaved like a witch again in her drunken stupor . She bossed everyone around and smirked at every conversation as boring etc.

After a few more drinks when she got out from the pool half her left t** protruded from her bikini top , we of course looked at her and before anyone could say something she shouted ,what are looking at you perverts and called us dickheads and half breeds.

I had enough of her embarrassing me and and my mates and decided to shut her up once and for all.

I took three of her prescription sleeping tablets and mixed it in with her next three extra strong vodka drinks and within 45 min or so she started slurring so badly we could not hear what she was saying , Peter and Ronin were concerned and suggested we move her inside.

By the time we got her onto the sofa she could not walk and just flopped down in an awkward position.
I then informed them of what I had done and asked if they would like to f*** her with my consent

They were a a little reluctant at first but when I pulled her swimming suit from her and stuck my d*** in her mouth they soon caught on and groped her t*** and p**** . She opened her eyes every now and then but she was totally out of it .We took turns to f*** her limp body over the next three hours and she never complained once. Ronin tried to fist f*** her but he could not get his hand up her p**** completely , I fetch her tube of KY jelly and emptied it in her p**** , soon he was was freely fisting her p**** with gusto , she just moved like a rag doll with the momentum. Peter and myself had little competition going going to see who could stretch her nipples the most , we gave her t*** and nipples few good hard bites ,she must have felt this as Ronin commented on how much she squirmed om his hand .

We were all p*** drunk by the time I called a halt to the abuse , we left her on the sofa and put an empty bottle of vodka next to her.When she woke up a few hours later she was very disorientated and complained bitterly about her sore breast and p**** , I told her straight up that it was her own fault for drinking so much and that she actually begged us to f*** her.

She shouted that I am a liar and that she would never do something like that , I calmly told her to go and ask my friends if I am lying.

She is now very timid around my friends and treats most people with respect.

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  • Well who knows, she may be having fun with most of them behind your bac, that is why she is so respectful and treats you so well.

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