Lack Of S** Is Driving Me Insane!

I'm with a wonderful man, actually I plan to marry him. issue is that he really doesn't want to have s** as much as id prefer. We are only 4 years different age wise. This is really getting to me because im willing and able and he's in the bedroom taking care of himself. My ego is hurt. It makes me feel less of a woman for this reason. I know I need to talk to him about this.....again but s***, is this going to be our future arguments? S**...really????

*Steps off soapbox

**Thanks for reading

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  • He's either gay or not very attracted to u

  • Think it's dry now? Marry him. You'll find out the meaning of 'dry.'

    My suggestion -- run like h***.

  • Women want foreplay but it's impossible to give foreplay to someone u resent and find unattractive which in turn makes the women give less of a f*** it's a positive feedback loop which makes it s***** for both parties

  • These days, many couples enter into counselling before marriage, and some even do it if they are living together or plan to. Even if you don't want to ask him to go, or think he would refuse, it could be helpful for you to go by yourself and get some guidance on how to deal with the situation, whether in anticipation of marriage or something less. I think the way you are analyzing your situation is solid, and will hopefully produce positive results for you. I wish only the best for you.

  • Thanks for the input! We have talked and he explained as of why he doesn't persue s**. For one his is getting older and he's lazy....he'd rather service himself than climb on and work?....he's tired and does work hard. Nonetheless....I explained how I felt and I do feel much better. I just have to explain myself in a much less blunt in don't belittle him for having a less or tired s** drive. I'm guilty of that.
    With that said...s** is important to me and he's willing to work with me. I know it won't get any in daily but I can hope for a solid once a week at least....if not I'll speak up. I know it won't be like how we were in the very beginning of our relationship, nothing stays exactly the same....well except death and taxes. Haha.
    Thanks for the input!!!!

  • It won't get any better after you marry him. Just saying.

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